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Gameplay / Re: State of the Community
« on: February 24, 2013, 04:39:19 am »
I have noticed the rift, but I think it is really a difference (as some others have hinted at) between ships that have mics and ships that don't.  I only have a few hours experience, but feel i have just about 'mastered' most of the roles.  The game does have a slight learning curve, but it is not that tricky.  Advanced team wide tactics and stuff rarely come into pub games, so there is still plenty for me to learn. 

Anyway- I am at the point where I DO NOT want to play on a ship with people that don't have mics.  I have rolled veteran ships with a buncha level 1-2 guys with all mics, cause we communicate... Still, noobs that can't outfit a ship, or just play goldfish all the time kinda piss me off, even though I am brand new myself...

Anyway, this game just seems like a mando mic game... Badass vets aside, if a buncha noobs have mics and arent morons, they will do just fine vs a single boat of vets... a team full of vets that communicate between ships... thats an entirely different beast that I have not experienced yet...

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