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Well I like the idea with arcs, but what about having the rangefinder show the horizontal and vertical angle to the enemy ship in relation to your ship?

One idea could be to give the ships center points, and no matter where on the ship the rangefinder would be used it would give the angles between those fixed points on the ships.

I also like the thought of making the rangefinder work somewhat better on already spotted ships as some have mentioned earlier in the thread, maybe by then relying the information to the whole ship or just directly to the person on the helm when clicking a marked target... Possibly as a timed effect, like 5 secs or something before needing to be done again? Then whether or not it would be too much to let that limited effect last the time out even when dropping the rangefinder for a second I can't tell.

That would help the captain keep the ship in a position where the guns would be in arc and would in some cases make builds with very slim/focused arc possible so I just thought it could be interesting =X

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