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The Lounge / Re: Show us your face!
« on: January 26, 2015, 12:16:52 am »
Starnsy: Nice! Also is that an MLP shirt I see you rocking there? :)

Why yes it is! I figured today was a good day to wear one.

The Pit / Re: Randomness
« on: January 25, 2015, 03:51:32 pm »

I'm just gonna leave this here and let someone else guess what clan this is.

The Lounge / Re: Show us your face!
« on: January 25, 2015, 03:27:25 pm »
Trying to follow up after ayetech is like eating $350 filet mignon and then getting a cookie for dessert, but upon further inspection it was oatmeal raisin.
Hmm... I guess I can show this eyesore my face. I had to open the blinds and turn on all the lights for the dorm to even have decent lighting.

Gearing up for a happy fist bump.

I have a great personality I swear

The Lounge / Re: Ship Names
« on: January 24, 2015, 08:49:47 pm »
Last post was the 16th? May as well post here anyways! My ships are just collections of silliness.

Goldfish: Disappointing Prize: Because I mean, when you win a goldfish at a carnival or something, it's just a really disappointing prize.
Junker: Patchwork Miracle: It's rather self explanatory, don't you think?
Squid: Burnt Calamari: Flame weapons + Squid = Burnt Calamari.
Galleon: Galleons of Oil: Y'know, like gallons of oil, but it's a Galleon? Anyone?
Pyramidion: Painful Trigonometry: It's a triangle, and it dispenses pain. What's not to like?
Spire: The Fun-olith: The Spire reminds me a of a big monolith that you'd see appearing over the horizon. BUt since fun is mandatory on my ships, I call it the Fun-olith!
Mobula: Hammerhead Snark: The Mobula looks like a really stubby hammerhead shark, and I imagine it making snarky comments to the other ships.

The Lounge / Re: Introductions!
« on: January 24, 2015, 02:27:22 pm »
Somehow I completely skipped over this place. It should really be in a more noticeable place.

I'm Starnsy, but you can call me Starns, Star, Go engineer or So Help Me, or one of my personal favorites "St- Ste- Sta- Stan- STAN. Your name is Stan now." I've had many people get confused by the name, so just make up a nickname for me if you want.
I've got a love for gunning, but I'm a decent everything else.

Some or none of you have flown with me, and I hope to change that to where I've flown with all of you. Every. Single. One.
I'm usually listening to music at pretty much all times during battles, usually whatever I think fits the ship loadout (Burnin' For You- All Flamethrowers.)

I like having fun most of all,  winning isn't everything to me, but I do like a crew that functions well together and likes to have fun as well.

Oh, a fair word of warning, I'll probably speak in a variety of silly accents, be it Russian, British, Christopher Walken, Hank Hill, and pretty much anything else I can think of. These will probably be awful as well.

Feel free to add me on skype (toasterguru) or steam.

The Docks / Re: [♫] The Bards
« on: January 23, 2015, 07:52:28 pm »
I mean, I listen to music pretty much all the time during matches if that helps. I've got a love for all things electronica with the exception of dubstep. '60s through '90s rock is my bread and butter (i say that as if I do anything else other than listen to it.) There's not really something I object to listening to, I can cope with music I'm not a fan of.

I've researched a lot into being a good gunner as well as dabbling in the other classes. I know you aren't supposed to drink the chemspray save for that one time, and not to poke the balloon with various pointy bits. I'm not super perfect amazing with every gun but I know what ammo to use and what not.

I guess the foremost reason for wanting to join The Bards is that I can see you all have a fun-loving and close knit community and I like that. Plus, fun is a must. I like chatter with people, friends and fun and all that jazz.

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