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Feedback and Suggestions / Re: Hwatcha Nerf
« on: February 12, 2016, 05:13:04 pm »
Overall a solid idea, but a couple of questions:

1. What happens if I get off the gun? Can I get off? Am I stuck there until it's over?

2. What happens if the gun is destroyed mid volley? When it's repaired, does it resume firing? Only when it is once more manned?

If it stops firing when you get off, it can still be used to split fire, just much more difficult. If it doesn't stop firing when you get off, then you can have 1 gunner firing multiple heavy guns at once, just with little to no aiming.

I'd say a combined level (Engi + gunner) of about 15 before you can pilot. I, in general, use that system to gauge how well someone is going to do already and it seems to work out decently well. The other idea of a certain number of games played is a good one

However, we can look at it the other way. When I bought the game I bought it with four friends, as we were playing we found another new group of four and played some really decent matches (mainly because we all had mics and had all read the wiki). If one of my friends hadn't been able to captain, I'm not certain how long they would've continued to play the game, which would have lessened my interest in it.

I answered. Hope the OP gets the information he needs!

The Docks / Re: The Grim Reapers
« on: January 01, 2016, 10:33:38 pm »
It must have been but last night when the stars finally aligned. When I did my daily rounds of the top clan, I found something unusual. Eight members of the Reapers were online all in one lobby, a true rarity. I knew, of course, my time had come. I joined the lobby they were camping and prepared. It was a 3v3 death match on Fjords, I believe. My team were the underdogs, a sad day, I know, but my crew performed admirably. Taking all three of our teams kills, our brawler fish managed to only accrue one death throughout the slaughter that occurred. After the match, I knew what had to be done, acting swiftly I joined the crew that was in the middle of forming. I rigidly held on to my spot as the ships around me filled.

My first run with the Reapers was aboard a Galleon, bottom deck. I had a chem spray fight the other engineer and lost, so was relegated to below decks. The poor enemies had no idea what hit them. Our engines refused to go down, and all damage dealt to our guns was whisked away in an instant. The Hwatcha fire was deafening and the rocket smoke was choking, but we never relented. After a few short minutes, during which none of our ships went down, we returned to the lobby, victorious and stained with the blood and tears of our foes. I had but a brief moment to consider, before I swiftly rejoined the clan, thrilled with my performance. Clearly I was an asset and was welcomed back with open arms.

The next two games went by in a flash, but each was as successful as the first. Sadly, the night had to draw to end when my fellows went to go play a Pigeon Simulator with their brothers.

As such, that is my experience with the Grim Reapers. Hopefully, the impression I made was excellent and I look forward to flying with you al in the future.

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