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The Lounge / Re: Martial arts!
« on: November 03, 2014, 02:37:48 am »
I have never practiced a martial art (one without weapon). But I might try Krav Maga just because it's available at our uni (but downside is it looks really agressive) and I love to try Kyūsho Jitsu (unfortunately not available in our country).

At the moment I just do archery and I have ordered my own blunt axe for show fights at medieval events. Do not underestimate the medieval european sword fighting;)

General Discussion / Re: Hiding levels
« on: October 29, 2014, 03:21:54 am »
1st: I assume they were hiding our levels to encourage the pilots to take ships based on what they want to do not based on your enemy's level. If you say "ah, how cute there is a lvl 1 enemy crew. let's take a harpoon kidding ship". If you feel like you're able to handle the ship you'll bring to the fight no matter which level the enemies are, the better is the match going to be for the individuum itself.

Someone said the levels do not indicate the skill of a player thus we should not be concerned about wether we see the levels or not. To my harpoon example; A lvl 1 enemy ship still can be better than you (saying you fly a PUG) so you need to be confident flying your kind of ship independent of the enemy's level.
To say if one is good or not we first have to fly against him!

2nd: the levels shown in the chat looks silly, just silly.

The Lounge / Re: Get to know people's GOI preferences (uncomfortable well)
« on: September 05, 2014, 02:39:19 am »
1. Favourite ship to fly. (Not including the build.)
2. Favourite ship to engineer on.
3. Favourite light gun.
Barking Dog Carronade & mercury
4. Favourite heavy gun.
5. Favourite gun overall.
mentioned light guns
6. Favourite 2v2 map
Paritan Rumble
7. Favourite larger than 2v2 only map.(Ones you see on 3v3 and 4v4.)
Flayed Hills
8. Favourite map overall.
Flayed Hills
9. Favourite ammo type.
10. Favourite ship build
most snipers
11. Favourite headwear. (Include gender)
Newsboy Cap or how I call it FlatCap
12. Favourite outfit. (Include gender.)
13. Favourite Goggles (does a that have gender??)
shaded glasses or something like that
14. Favourite ship theme.
15. Favourite figurehead.
16. Would you rather, Deathmatch, King of the Hill or Crazy king.
Crazy King
17. Rank in order of preference, Pilot, Gunner and Engineer.
Pilot, Gunner, Engineer
18. Buffgi/Gunji or Main?
19. Lion gun OP?
not really
20. Are there too many questions? (Tick here: no[ticked] no[] )
21. Have you found a better community than GOIO?

Also ich wäre wieder mit von der Partie.

Bei Bedarf kann ich sogar einen TS anbieten falls Personen wünschen, nicht von Nicht-Deutschsprachigen gehört zu werden. So weis man dann auch wer Deutsch versteht oder man macht wie bisher eine Party :D

Wir konnten 2 Schiffe füllen und ein paar verstreute deutschsprachige auf den anderen 2 Schiffen. Jemand hat, glaube ich, die Leute gezählt. Da es leider ein paar englischsprechende Crewmitglieder gab, war es komisch zum verständigen.

Eine geschlossene Lobby wäre vielleicht besser. Wenn wir dann halt nicht komplette Schiffe hinbekommen sondern vielleicht nur 2-Mann-Crews wäre ja auch nicht schlimm, oder?

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