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The Cantina / Re: Random Steampunk, RP or GoIO-inspired writing
« on: June 28, 2014, 06:37:53 pm »
     Tucked away in the city of Kinforth there is a run-down bar called The Burning Rope. In that bar there is a large corner booth. Nestled in that booth is “Greasy” Stavros Orlenko. He is the eleven year captain of the independent trader Happy Dustman, an ancient Junker wanted by Chaladon and Yesha officials for several counts of theft and smuggling. Orlenko is a short, portly man with black oiled hair and a small mustache waxed to fine points. While his clothes are ornate and well made, they are so worn and fit so poorly it is a good guess they once belonged to someone else. Whenever he is in town The Burning Rope gets unusually busy. Docks and machine shops empty as people pack themselves into the dilapidated establishment to hear one of Orkenko’s stories. Everyone leaves having spent more money on drinks then they intended, but it’s worth it. Let’s go have a listen.

     “What? Don’t say you haven’t even heard of her. Here, get us another drink. No, no, none of that, the Altwood Cognac. That’s my man. Now, settle in close friends and I’ll tell you all I knows about Captain Verna Marones.  She captains the Force of Valor, as fine a Squid as was ever built. Who does this woman work for, says you? What does she do? Anything under the clouds she wants. Gun runner, bounty hunter, government agent, poetry critic, no one knows what she’s up too. During the Bastianelli Uprising she turned her ship into a floatin’ hospital. Stripped her guns and took on any poor flyer with a hole in his body. Now there’s plenty of captains in these rough times that will take advantage of charity like that. I saw what happened with these here eyes. Two ships limp in close, leakin’ smoke and cryin’ for help. Force of Valor slows and starts throwing ropes to them when both ships open up with all guns. Never seen the like of it, enough fire and shell to blind a man. Out of the smoke comes Verna, sinks the Mobula and chases off the Galleon like it were nothing. You remember the Sparrow Sneak? Cleaned out most every big house in Lord’s Leap he did. Well she nabs him, right tough to do but it don’t end there. The trip across town to the guard station makes her miss this opera, Lightning and Love. So she takes him along. Verna drags the best thief and escape artist in the fjords to four hours of singin’ fit to burst your ears. My mate Aalem, a true and honest deckhand as you ever did know, swears by all he holds dear he saw her chasin’ a bandit fleet, FLEET mind you, across the Abermar Valley the very same day she gets paid a bounty in Alleron. Air Marshal Tacitus Jiao-long his self asks her to go with him to one of them rich dinners. More fresh food in the first course than me and you seen in a month. Verna replies no, nice and kindly as you like, saying he is “not the most engaging man”. I’ve lost two cargos to that woman, and you know, Greasy Stavros don’t get caught nor fooled by no one. She’s got a collection of fine aged scotch, all put up fancy in a cellar like, and no one knows where it is. There’s a live Lumberjack round stored in the hold of her ship. “It keeps the crew sharp” says she. Ever seen a Typhoon Heavy Flak on a Squid? Nor I neither, but Verna’s got one! No, no, this won’t do shipmates. Getting downright hysterical I am, with hands shakin’ fit to fall off the stumps. Let’s talk of something else. Typhoons, or Arashi birdmen, or that one stinking fella in Chang-ning what says he owns half my ship. Ahh, another round. That will do my nerves nicely. Now where was I ..."

Feedback and Suggestions / Re: Silly Fluff Suggestion for Coop Mode
« on: May 11, 2014, 12:26:13 am »
Ah, I see what you mean by keeping the ship types as characters. I really think it could go either way. That is why I am not a developer, let them decide. They have made great choices so far. Maybe I just want a place to express all my ship names. Got more of them than ships.  : )

The Docks / Re: [SPQR] Senatus Populusque Romanus is Recruiting!
« on: May 11, 2014, 12:22:13 am »
I was playing some fun games with Jub Jub and SPQR. He mentioned filling out an application before I had critical computer failure so I am guessing this is it. My in-game name is TheLostCavalier. I enjoy all the classes, the gunner slightly more so than the engineer because it has more explosions and a lower risk of carpal tunnel. Recently I have gotten into piloting and really enjoy it. Hopefully there will be no mutinies and I can continue to fly. Thanks.

Feedback and Suggestions / Silly Fluff Suggestion for Coop Mode
« on: April 28, 2014, 01:03:55 am »
I am, like the rest of you I imagine, very excited for the new Coop Mode. It is great to see Muse continuing to improve an already awesome game. I had an idea while watching the PAX demonstration twitch of the Coop Mode. I noticed the enemy ships were labeled things like “Arashi Corvette” when spotted. I don’t know how taxing this would be on the team or the game, but it might be cool if the airships displayed an individual ship name when marked (eg. Pride of Sirad, Caustic, TB-3686, Beasts and Bullets, Coaleater, The Firehog, Wind Stalker). Maybe have a pool of names appropriate for the race and specific airship type that could be randomly picked from when marked. I think it would add great flavor to the game and give the bots a face (“I am going to KILL Scrapyard Belle if it is the last thing I do!”). This may also make it a little more challenging for the players to tell exactly what they are up against. You could even do something like display the names with the spyglass but then display the ship type and guns with the rangefinder. This could be a bad idea for so many reasons (programming difficulty, added game difficulty, inconsistent with world story, the designers already considered and dismissed this), but I thought I would mention it. I would certainly submit ship names. I know the folks at Muse are very busy people at a very busy company so don't mean to suggest stupid stuff that adds to their workload. Thanks for all your hard work. Love the lightning in the new coop map.

The Cantina / Re: Foggy With a Chance of Fog
« on: April 10, 2014, 08:38:05 pm »
Thanks. I almost can't believe they actually posted it. I am glad you enjoyed it and I will absolutely post more here eventually. Thanks again and it was fun flying with you.

The Cantina / Foggy With a Chance of Fog
« on: April 02, 2014, 01:37:18 am »
Hi all. I submitted this fake weather report a while back as an entry for The Squeaky Cog. In retrospect I think they were looking for real game community articles rather than fluff pieces. Just imagine reading this on the back of The Cog between Letters to the Editor and "Karl Cristoffensen's Culture Column". But I had a lot of fun doing this so I decided to throw it up here. I am not a professional or practiced writer so please forgive any mistakes, especially with long sentences and punctuation. I have material for a few more so I would gladly post more if people enjoy this.
Foggy With a Chance of Fog
Sir Bartholomew Sedgwick

     Greetings all flyers! A truly massive sandstorm swept through Arashi territory last week grounding travel for all but the most daring and experienced pilots. Locals, however, classified the weather as “Perfect, simply perfect”. Their satisfaction is possibly related to the unexplained disappearance of nine independent traders and a pair of Mercantile Guild junkers. Temperatures in Firnfeld skyrocketed this weekend leading to numerous impromptu shipboard picnics and several untimely crashes due to poorly cooled balloon pumps. I predict thunderstorms of unusual ferocity will plague Chaladon in the upcoming days. I have no doubt citizens of that fair isle will weather the damp with their typical and somewhat frustrating dignity.
     I wish to end this report with a personal message. Last Thursday my illustrious spire was subjected to an unprovoked and vicious attack by an unmarked goldfish in the skies over the Chill Sea. As a research vessel in service to all readers of the Squeaky Cog, The Copernicus is above such base aggression. I request, no expect, NO DEMAND, a public apology in addition to compensation for one ruined Exobaric Display Module and the loss of Lieutenant Jenkins’ right little finger. Payment can be left at the nearest convenient post station addressed to Sir Bartholomew Sedgewick, Professor of Applied Meteometrics, care of Miss Livius Chan-juan, 105 Pintail Street, Cathedral. I appreciate justice in this matter and remain, dear readers, at your service.

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