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The Pit / Re: Ok, time to deal with less than pleasant players
« on: September 30, 2013, 02:22:56 am »
Fragmenting the community is not a good solution to issues. New players learn best from nice, understanding good players. I'm still pretty new to this game, level 4 on my highest role. And when I was brand new, I learned the most when manning the ship of experienced captains. There were a couple early games where my captain saw I was a level 1/2 engineer. In response, they didn't get mad at me when I made mistakes. They said things like "When the hull gets hurt, repairing it is the top priority." Not in a mean nasty way, just stating a fact that I as an engineer should know. And I learned from their advice, and by the end of one of my runs on a ship the captain was confident enough in my engineering to burn kerosine 24/7 while his other 2 crew manned the guns. Had he just complained "my engines are down, stop sucking engineer" I would not have picked up a lot of the skills I did. That game was where I learned about how to prioritize, and had my first lesson in engi parkour.

The Cantina / Re: Squid: an unexpected Ramming!
« on: September 30, 2013, 01:17:22 am »
A salute to you! I've engineered on many squids in my day. And as an engineer I have to say, I like your style. It's captains like you that make sure engineers like me are never out of a job. A ship like yours, that's a fun ship to engineer on.

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