Author Topic: Tournament: 7 Deadly Ships! (Partner Sign-Ups)  (Read 1410 times)

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Tournament: 7 Deadly Ships! (Partner Sign-Ups)
« on: May 05, 2016, 10:17:11 pm »

7 Deadly Ships Partner Sign-Ups

Interested in 7 Deadly Ships but only have 1 full ship? List your team and point of contact here!

Meet and Greet with other 4-player teams to alliance with and create the next big 8-player team! Some great competitive teams have came from alliances (ex: HRA, CakeWatch, and StarBards). So give it a shot, play with some other teams, see who your team flies well with and who you don't. It will be your responsibility to contact the other point of contacts and set up times in-game to play with each other and see how the chemistry fits.

The organizers of 7 Deadly Ships WILL NOT be assigning any teams to each other. All alliances must be created on their own. All full teams will be required to make an official sign up on the Official Sign-Ups thread that that is to come.

ONLY post your team and point of contact if you are positive that you and your crew will be able to keep the alliance the WHOLE 7 weeks. Nothing is more frustrating than having to forfeit because half your team didn't show up. Don't be that team. 

If you have a full team (remember, TWO ships is a full team), sign up to the tournament here on the official sign-up thread!

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