Author Topic: [LOCK] Come and be in the locker room! (Away form that filthy common room)  (Read 5632 times)

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Come and hang out in the Locker room!
Fiery death in the sky!
The gift of giving! (Lead, at high velocity into the other team)
Repairing (If you are an engi, thee will be plenty of this)

Only Requirement:
Be Fun to play with
Have Fun

Some of us have a lustrous, deep, sexy voice, if you have one, consider joining.

People you should know:

CEO sometimes does shit and shoots the shit with fun people.

Shadow Blackheart:
Main Recruiter and glamorous face of the Clan, and an excellent captain (If you like Ramming speed)   

Pages you should visit:

Steam Group:
Invite only, please give Shadow or Quantum your steam name if you wish to be invited
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