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Arming Time and You
« on: December 15, 2013, 09:35:38 pm »
A concept a lot of players know about, but don't fully make use of is arming time. Arming time is a unique feature to some weapons, where it takes them a certain period before they can be used to their full effect. This is used with the Echidna Ligh Flak Cannon, Hades Light Cannon, Phobos Mine Launcher, Typhon Heavy Flak Cannon, and the Lumberjack Heavy Mortar.

Essentially the goal of these arming times is to prevent them from being too effective at close range. However, you can use certain ammo types to your advantage to use these guns closer than the enemy expects. This idea came about to me by playing with the Phobos Mine Launcher, which is most effected by arming time. The arming time is a flat period of time, and not affected by range. Changing the velocity of the shot, or the arming time itself can alter it's effective range.

A weapon with an arming time striking before it's armed will only do the initial damage type without the second damage type.

Quick Table - Minimum Arming Range (m)

L Flak22590168.78180382.59180
H Flak24096180192408192
Mine Launcher20080.4150.75160.8341.7160.8


GunClip SizeVelocity (m/s)Arming Time (s)Minimum Armed Range (m)Maximum Armed Range (m)Damage
L Flak63500.64322587545Explosive-30Explosive
H Flak224012401440150Exp-180Exp
Mine Launcher1 (5)673200200150Pierce-150Impact

(1 round, +125% damage, -90% gun rotation, no recoil, 250 damage to gun, -60% arming time, -50% aoe)

GunClip SizeVelocity (m/s)Arming Time (s)Minimum Armed Range (m)Maximum Armed Range (m)Damage
L Flak13500.25790875101.25Explosive-67.5Explosive
H Flak12400.4961440337.5Exp-405Exp
Mine Launcher1 (5)671.280.480.4337.5Pierce-337.5Impact

(+20% increased fire ignition chance, -25% projectile speed, -25% clip size, -30% rate of fire)

GunClip SizeVelocity (m/s)Arming Time (s)Minimum Armed Range (m)Maximum Armed Range (m)Damage
L Flak5262.50.643168.78656.2545Explosive-30Explosive
H Flak218011801080150Exp-180Exp
Mine Launcher1 (5)50.253150.75150.75150Pierce-150Impact

Greased Rounds
(+60% Rate of Fire, +20% Clip Size, -15% Rotation speed, -20%Damage, -20% projectile speed)

GunClip SizeVelocity (m/s)Arming Time (s)Minimum Armed Range (m)Maximum Armed Range (m)Damage
L Flak72800.64318070036Explosive-24Explosive
H Flak219211921152120Exp-144Exp
Mine Launcher1 (5)53.63160.8160.8120Pierce-120Impact

(+70% Projectile Speed, -30% Clip Size, -30% Rotation Speed, +30% projectile lift)

GunClip SizeVelocity (m/s)Arming Time (s)Minimum Armed Range (m)Maximum Armed Range (m)Damage
L Flak45950.643382.591487.545Explosive-30Explosive
H Flak140814082448150Exp-180Exp
Mine Launcher1 (5)113.93341.7341.7150Pierce-150Impact

Heat Sink
(Gun cannot gain additional fire charges while loaded, +30% clip size, +50% rotation speed, -17% damage, -20% projectile speed)

GunClip SizeVelocity (m/s)Arming Time (s)Minimum Armed Range (m)Maximum Armed Range (m)Damage
L Flak82800.64318070037.35Explosive-24.9Explosive
H Flak319211921152124.5Exp-149.4Exp
Mine Launcher1 (5)53.63160.8160.8124.5Pierce-124.5Impact


As you can see, a good choice of ammo takes some decision making. It really depends upon the gun and the situation. As far as arming time is concerned, you generally want to make it arm sooner to hit targets that are closer.

For comparison, the effective ranges of the gatling gun and mortar are 450m and 400m respectively. This means that the normal arming time of most guns is actually within the effective range of those close range guns. However, close range ships tend to move in a lot closer rather than stay at maximum effective range. Especially if they feel they can counter your arming times.

This is where a good ammo selection can lead to some surprise damage.

The most effective at reducing the distance is Lochnagar, but the restriction on clip size and the fact that it will damage/break your gun should be considered; making it only truly effective on guns with already low clip size such as the heavy flak. You can use it on mines as well, but remember that the ammo type also reduces aoe.

One helpful tool is the range finder, as this can assist with ideal ammo selection for the various ranges. Many players on long range guns use lesmok to increase accuracy, but it should be noted that this increased speed increases the distance the shot travels before arming. Knowing when they're too far or too close for the various ammo type can be a great advantage.

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Re: Arming Time and You
« Reply #1 on: December 16, 2013, 12:52:21 am »
Extremely useful reference. Thank you!