New testing and the new events are happening!

Stamina Testing!

Stamina use in real life.

A major feature is being worked on and this means we need everyone's help to test it out.

This Saturday, April 4th, at 2 pm Eastern we'll be pulling everyone into the Dev App so they can try out Stamina.  A new feature that will allow all classes to do what they do best even better.

We need vets, newbs, experienced, and everything inbetween to try this out, let us know what they think and any ideas they have.

If you're prepared to join us in testing and help guide the future of Guns of Icarus. Sign up here.  You'll receive your code and instructions by Friday.

Congratulations Winner!

Formation by FXAres

We got so many amazing pictures. We spent a day around the office checking through and voting on our favorites.  The victory and title of Pictograph Master of Icarus goes to: FXAres.

To see our favorites and see a bigger version of the winner, follow this link!

Thank you so much to everyone who joined in the event and we hope you join in our next event (which you can see right below this one!)

Call for Video/Media Tips and Tricks

Only a ace pilot could make explosions that large.

The Guns of Icarus community is filled with passionate and dedicated players. Between the hundreds of thousands of players are true aces of the sky that can fly circles around their lesser opponents.

We're calling for all skilled pilots, engineers, and gunners to make a video, comic, infograph, or anything they can think of that shows off some of their favorite tricks and skills.

The reward for this is your free item of your choice from the store.

The end date is April 20th when the winner will be announced and prize given.

The Blossoming Colosseum!

Just one of the badges that the teams will be fighting for

The next big competitive event is happening in Guns of Icarus. Thomas has put together the Blossoming Colosseum.  This amazing event will have the best teams in Guns of Icarus fighting it out.

The first matches starts Saturday the 4th at 3 pm Eastern. You'll be able to watch on these streams:, and

Sign up for the Sunday Community Skirmish!

45 weeks strong and this event is pushing out amazing competitive games!

If you missed the Blossoming Colosseum and you want a chance to join in some of the most tough and competitive games that Guns of Icarus has to offer.  I recommend that you sign up for the Sunday Community Skirmish.  

Every week, some of the best teams show up and show what true ace pilots and crews can do. The event happens on April 5th at 3 pm Eastern, but sign ups close April 4th so make sure you get your team in quickly!

If your team thinks they're tough enough, sign ups can be found here.

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