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8th Anniversary Update: 2.0.20
« on: October 22, 2020, 01:54:36 pm »
Welcome, Sky Captains and Crew!

It’s time to celebrate our 8th Anniversary! Update 2.0.20 features new customizables such as, hats, goggles, profile pictures, titles, and decals.

In celebration of this exciting milestone we’re holding an 8th Birthday Tournament! In preparation we have added lots of prizes for all the participants.
Catch the action on Saturday, October 24th at 6pm UTC over on

Birthday Tournament Items:

  • 8th Birthday Tournament Hat
  • 8th Birthday Decal
  • Birthday Boy & Birthday Girl titles
  • Party Goer title
Awarded to all participants of the 8th Birthday Tournament.

  • Sir and Lady Pumpkinhead “goggles.”
    • Will be available during spooky Halloween missions.
    • Coming to the store in the future.
    • Probably cursed.

It is a pumpkin and you put it on your head. Put a snazzy hat on top and hit the town.

  • Mechanical Frontier Hat
    • Available in the store

Nobody is quite sure how it works, or what it even does -- only that it brings good luck to those who venture into the wastelands wearing it, and that it is the most fuel-efficient hat out there.

  • Roman Centurion Helmet
    • Available in the store.

A helmet worn by Roman Centurions -- Roman military officers who held command of 100 Roman Legionaries. Many, many years and a few apocalyptic events later, some airship captains and crew wear these as a tribute to those ancient warriors. They’re also pretty practical as head protection in airship battles, too.[/list]

  • SCS 300 1st place: Awarded to the first place winners of SCS 300.
  • SCS 300 2nd place: Awarded to the second place winners of SCS 300.
  • SCS 300 3rd place: Awarded to the third place winners of SCS 300.
  • SCS 300 Participant: Awarded to the participants of SCS 300.
  • SCS 300 Staff: Awarded to the staff team behind SCS 300.
  • The Fellowship of Steel: Decal for The Steel Forge of Friendship
  • The Overseer’s Eye: Decal for The Steel Forge of Friendship
Anniversary Mission Decals:

  • 8 Ball
  • Birthday Gears - Submitted by Zetnus
  • Eight Shot

Profile Pictures:
  • Chaos D20: From the Chaos Skirmish
  • SCS 300 Gold: Awarded to 1st place winners of SCS 300.
  • SCS 300 Silver: Awarded to 2nd place winners of SCS 300.
  • SCS 300 Bronze: Awarded to 3rd place winners of SCS 300.
  • SCS 300 Ruby: Awarded to Participants of SCS 300.
  • SCS 300 Emerald: Awarded to staff of SCS 300

  • The Undaunted Admiral
  • Inspiring Starbolin

  • Boss Cluster Hades
    • Reduced cluster shot count to 6 (from 8)
    • Reduced velocity to 300 (from 400)
  • Seraph Tempest Missiles [Mk. S]
    • Corrected typo and added submissile count in the description.