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2.0.18 7th Anniversary Update
« on: October 28, 2019, 02:07:08 pm »

We can’t believe it has already been seven full years! Time does fly, doesn’t it? In celebration, we are adding even more content! Faction colors, a new figurehead, Embr items from Muse’s upcoming new game (Wishlist it on Steam now!), more profile pictures, and a new voicepack. Are you a pilot and are tired of cosmetics? Want something new? Well, then, we have just the thing for you. Try out the new Drift Sail helm tool. Damages to ship and crew are not covered under any warranty. Use at your own risk.

27 Colors + 6 more to be created by winners of events! 2 colors for each of the factions. One based on ship color, and the other based on map color. Can be used on ships or costumes.

Leo Figurehead: Feel the power of a roaring lion as you crush your enemies!

5 Halloween Jack-o'-lantern decals (black!). Limited time holiday item ONLY! Will not be in the store. Goes great with Pumpkin color! 13 free pumpkin dyes come included, so you can dress up all of your ships in spoopy decor!

More profile pictures added to the default granted list (check your profile!):
  • 6 faction ships
  • 6 player created
Created for events:
  • Crewcible (Sign up!)
  • 6 ‘The Old Days’ - For Flight of the Ancients tournament
Created for Dev Games
  • 2 engines
Created for promotion:
  • Flint (Embr)
  • Pimm (Hamsterdam)
Created for Muse:
  • The Muse logo! (about time)

Drift Sail helm tool: see details in balance below.

German Voicepack added to store (Workshop submission).

New lore entry in the Library. More to come.

Decal size/position/rotation on Mobula, Goldfish, Spire, Shrike, and Pyramidian for better display.
Casanova mask adjusted to minimize clipping with hats.
Removed barrier graphic between Cathedral, Sunder, Garrow, and surrounding territories.
All maximum coin limits increased by 30,000. Welcome to the high rollers club.

Balance PvE:
PvE special abilities:
  • Added duration and cooldown to all text where missing.
Oversurge Ram:
  • Cooldown of 60s (from 200)
Concussive Blast:
  • Cooldown of 30s (from 60)
Component Disruption:
  • Cooldown of 45s (from 90)
  • Damage of 300 (from 250)
Cataclysm Rounds:
  • Cooldown of 160s (from 200)
  • Duration of 8 s (from 18)
Lightning Draw:
  • Cooldown of 60s (from 200)
Mine Ejection:
  • Name changed to Mine Volley
  • Range of 500m (from 400m)
  • Cooldown of 160s (from 200)
  • Mines detonate after 30s (from 120s)
Advanced DynaBuff:
  • Vertical drag: - 20% (from -29%)
  • Thrust: +20% (from +29)
  • Damage: +10% (from +23%)
  • Duration: 40s (from 60)
  • Cooldown of 120s (from 200)
Gigaton Blast:
  • Cooldown of 60s (from 200)
Air Horn:
  • Corrected text to 800m (was 500)
  • Cooldown of 40s (from 60)
Rushing Drift
  • Cooldown of 60s (from 200)
  • Duration of 20s (from 30)
Mechanized Rebuild
  • Cooldown of 160s (from 200)

Balance: Guns and Ammo:
Autofire (hold to shoot) added to these guns:
  • Artemis
  • Echidna Light Flak
  • Barking Dog Light Carronade
  • Mercury Field Gun
  • Scylla Double-Barrelled Mortar
  • Banshee Light Rocket Carousel
  • Hades Light Cannon
  • Seraph Tempest Missiles [MKs] and [MKI]
  • Kalakuta Gas Mortar [MKI] and [MKII]
  • Typhon Heavy Flak MKI
  • Lumberjack Heavy Mortar
  • Nemesis Heavy Carronade
  • AOE: 5m (from 4.25)
Burst Rounds ammo:
  • -20% direct damage (from 0)
  • -25% rotational arcs (from 0)
  • -50% range (from 0)
  • Removed recoil modification (from +50%)
  • Removed Rate of fire reduction (from -15%)
[KNOWN BUG] Loading Burst causes practice guide cone to reduce in size. Does not actually reduce recoil.

Balance: Tools:
  • Hull: Hits reduced to 7 (from 15)
  • Gun: Hits to 8 (from 9), Duration 40 (from 20), damage +10% (from +20%), reload speed +10% (from +0)
  • Automatically spots enemies when zoomed in!
Drift Sail Helm tool:
Q: How much faster do you need to go?
A: Yes.
  • Available in all modes.
  • Reduces drag in all horizontal directions similar to the Rushing Drift PVE ability.
  • Reduces engine power to 50%, but accelerates your ship faster than its maximum speed due to reduced drag.
  • Danger! Doubles all Impact damage taken from any source. This includes other ships, terrain, and guns. It also makes your ship incredibly hard to control.
  • Activated when selected.
  • Effects last three seconds after tool is unselected.
Best use is to activate after your ship has reached maximum velocity. The reduced engine force will slowly push your ship past its limits.
Please give feedback on this tool after combat testing it (and likely exploding a lot)

Balance: Ships:
  • Max Speed: 34 (from 32)
  • Vertical acceleration: 3 (from 2.75)
  • Moved heavy gun to the right side at 73.7°. Adjusted ship hitboxes around gun change.
  • Moved light gun from right mid deck to left platform at -95°
  • [FIX] Moved right engine back slightly to resolve clipping rotors.
  • Added secret ladder.
  • [FIX] Fixed sticky ladder.

Balance: Maps:
Misty Mutiny:
  • Deleted all small clouds and several large clouds.
  • Moved remaining large clouds to map center and pathways.
  • Moved respawns.
  • Added new respawn in the south for both teams.
  • Increased ceiling height by 100m.
  • Removed all clouds on the practice map.

  • Removed extra water on Assault on Kinforth map.
  • Backwards Shrike decal

Edit: Buff currently makes reloads SLOWER instead of faster. We'll get this fixed ASAP and update here!
Edit 2: Buff is now fixed and makes reloads go faster as intended!
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Re: 2.0.18 7th Anniversary Update
« Reply #1 on: October 29, 2019, 08:14:24 am »
Gun buff reload has been corrected. It now reduces reload speed by 10%.

1 Mercantile Gold dye has been given to all players to replace the default yellow color that was removed from the Magnate when the sails were made paintable. Now you can have the giant banana back!

There is a known issue with the Embr theme texture that is being worked on.

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Re: 2.0.18 7th Anniversary Update
« Reply #2 on: October 29, 2019, 05:29:05 pm »
Correction: Buff now reduces reload TIME by 10%, not speed.