Author Topic: Statistic that predicts success  (Read 16340 times)

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Statistic that predicts success
« on: June 07, 2018, 07:23:00 pm »
So I was watching Extra Credits:

And thinking about GOI, particularly how Muse could do a better job using player statistics to asses how "skilled" a player is for the purposes of match making, underdog, and crew form. The statistics "games played" and "Win/Loss record" are a good start, but what about utilization of in game communication tools?

If the game logged how often the player used crew or team text chat, the quick vocal tools, andcrew/captain voice chat Muse would have a better idea of which players are pushing the teamwork of their crew/teams. Another useful indicator is how often the player starts the game with a recommended loadout while crewing and how often the player gives recommended loadouts while captaining. Mix this stat with crew and team chat pre game and I am sure it will flag the players that are thinking strategically from the players who ready up with no plan.

Another suggestion is when presenting the player with a list of lobbies Muse should give the player an indicator of the lobby's average player skill relative to the viewing player. Thus newbies are warned away from lobbies filled with mostly vets and vets are warned away from lobbies of mostly newbies. If the population gets small players will join whatever lobbies that are available, but while there is some choice to be had we might as well furnish the information about the general skill level of the lobby to players at the lobby list level.

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Re: Statistic that predicts success
« Reply #1 on: August 19, 2018, 08:57:20 am »
That's some good thoughts. Sometimes it really helps to know that you are playing against players of a very different skill level. Then you can judge your own achievements in a much more realistic way.

But I also think the game should explicitly encourage players to learn how to communicate better. Because it is (as you said) a very good indicator and a major reason why some people are better in this game than other. It would help if players could take a communications tutorial to learn to quickly type voice commands to command around AIs.