Author Topic: Daily Deal: The Full House Sale! -85% Guns of Icarus: Alliance + 3 Free Copies!  (Read 4758 times)

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Guns of Icarus Alliance is going live on PS4 on May 1st!

It’s the first seamlessly cross-platform Steam and PS4 game. Not only can you play with PS4 players in the same match, but you can call out commands or chat about life via voice chat as well! 

In celebration, we are going ALL OUT!
- Get the game  now for -85% and grab 3 free copies for a full crew of friends!
- Simply activate the game and send your Steam Receipt to! It’s that easy.

Tell your friends! This is for players and friends only, no key resellers please!

Fly safely,
Your Muse Games team!

Pre-Order PS4 US link:

PreOrder PS4 EU link:

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i buy this Game today for my clan. I have send the receipt from steam buy to  . But i dont have some answer and no 3 keys copies for my clan mates. how long i must wait for this keys/copies?

regards from germany

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hi KSK-Stuffz, welcome to Icarus :)

it's a small studio and flooded with mails atm.
Quote from:
Please allow up to seven days time for distribution of game keys.
I don't think it will actually take seven days, but be patient.

Lass mich dich (und deinen Clan) aber auch gleich noch in DIE deutschsprachige Community "Bootsmänner" einladen!
Steamgruppe (im Browser):
Steamgruppe (öffnet Steam): steam://url/GroupSteamIDPage/103582791456425617
(etwas veralteter) Forumseintrag:,8357.0.html

Unser Eventkalender in Steam ist glaube ich gerade leer, aber morgen vormittag stelle ich die nächsten Events ein. Das nächste ist aber auf jeden Fall am Freitag das "Fly Your Colours" (internationale Freundschaftsspiele, ziemlich Lustig:,8818.0.html )

Greetings from Germany

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Free so ps4 players have someone to actually play with?

I see.