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Exudes Excellence: Video and Giveaway!
« on: April 25, 2013, 09:58:48 am »
Hey everyone! My name is TastyBacon, and I run a new gaming site/web show thing that we're calling Exudes Excellence. Every week or so, we try to create a video spotlighting a new game, mostly focusing on Indie MMOs. The video we just created featured, obviously, Guns of Icarus Online! We would greatly appreciate it i you checked it out over on our YouTube. The direct link to the video is . We'd love to hear any feedback you guys have and all that fun stuff.

On top of doing the video, we also are hosting a giveaway. We have 10 copies of the game (5 Collectors Edition, 5 Standard) that we will be giving away for free! So while likely not directly useful to most of the users here, if you have friends that have been on the fence about the game or anything like that, they can now have a chance to get a copy free of charge! The giveaway can be found directly on our facebook page here or on our blog here .

If you would like more information on Exudes Excellence as a whole, or to see our past and future content, giveaways, videos, etc. you can find or contact us via the following methods: