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Competitive Organization Group
« on: August 23, 2018, 08:16:37 pm »

Competitive Organization Group

Our main purpose is to maintain and grow the competitive community. We want to encourage the interests of new players and clans to become competitive and to build trust and reliability for our veteran players and clans to continue competitive retention of game play. We want to help organize and centralize as many resources as possible for competitive play throughout the whole community. We, ourselves, are a resource to the competitive community, not something that controls it. We want to allow players, clans, and organizers to have a centralized area where they know they can get help for any and all forms of assistance for competitive play

We will be organizing 2-3 large tournaments each year with smaller intermittent events throughout. These events are aimed at providing consistency in competitive events as far as when and how they are played. This will allow players and clans to rely on large formal events being held every 4-6 months. This will enable a consistent reason to train and improve through the use of the planned intermittent events for new and old players alike. Some of these events already exist such as Sunday Community Skirmish, Crewcible, and the Iron Fork. These events will also benefit the community by involving them in multiple weekly streams of the events where viewers can learn by watching as well as interacting with the weekly streamers.

A large part of what we do will be providing resources. Everything needed for organizers and players of these events can be found in a centralized DropBox to make it easier to organize events. Certified referees and streamers who are willing to participate will also be organized into a voluntary resource database so that we may utilize them for our events more efficiently
-Certified referees & streamers will be certified by hand not by experience to guarantee quality. A big part of qualification will be their knowledge of the rules to ensure a smoother experience.

We are using the current Sunday Community Skirmish ruleset as a standard baseline for can all future and current tournaments. Any time a tournament is active a version of these rules will be posted with any changes marked that are unique to the event. The benefit of a standard ruleset is obvious, as the point of the group iis organization, a standard ruleset will help avoid chaos.

We will be in charge of organizing the events approved by voting. All events going through the organization will be run by it. Resources are free to use if you are running a third party event but at heart the point is to use the organization to help flesh out an event and have us do it for you to guarantee its success.

Most of the discussion will take place at the COG Discord
This will be a place where you may suggest an event idea, if your idea is fleshed out enough then it will be put to a vote. If feedback is positive then a channel will be made to discuss it, if after some discussion the event is realistic and feedback is still positive then organization will begin internally. The bulk of the actual event conception will be from a community discussion and organized polling.

The best way to contact us about any of the resources you may need or for anything else with competitive play, message us on Discord. This Discord is to be used for anything related to competitive player including but not restricted to:
  • Questions about competitive events.
  • Feedback/ideas for organizers of any competitive event.
  • Even if we are not the ones organizing we can pass the suggestions onto the proper organizers.
  • Ideas for competitive events, rewards, in-game features, improvement of rules, etc.
  • Team sign ups for events.
  • Players interested in getting into or already are streamers or casters.
  • Players interested in getting into or already are referees.
  • Organizers looking to get help with publicity or any other resource we provide.