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2.0.8 Royal Flush Update
« on: January 15, 2018, 05:15:49 am »
New content:

The Arashi Stormbreaker is now available in PvP:
Power through the skies against other players as the Arashi Stormbreaker saunters in from the western sunset. Packing guns a-plenty and sporting the highest acceleration of any other ship, it is a thing to be reckoned with. Watch your flanks if you face one in the air. However, with great power comes… poor construction. Keep your engineers handy, as the Stormbreaker practically shakes itself apart in hard maneuvers. Time for a little chaos.

Crazy King renovated and activated for all lobby sizes (2v2 after event):
To some, Crazy King is a legend, a myth spoken by grizzled veterans. They speak of long chases and countless ships filling the sky. Legend no more! Crazy King has been gone over with a fine tooth comb to address some wrinkles and bumps, and will be making its debut in 2v2 to join its King of the Hill brethren. This will be the first time the famed Flayed Hills will be seen by some players that have never ventured into a 4v4 match. With 7 Capture Points instead of 5, closer spawns, and fast capturing points, Flayed Hills will be a tour to remember. Get ready for a wild ride!

  • Rise of the Monarchs: With the introduction of game changing content, we’ll now be introducing radical new designs with our Crazy King game mode formats! With cooperation from everyone in the community complete 500 matches in PvP game modes: King of the Hill & Crazy King and PvE game modes: Defense & Retrieve. Completing this mission will unlock the fabled Crazy King maps in all new 2v2 lobbies! Join the fight, seize the skies and reap the rewards!
- Library and War Lore:
  • New UI
  • New map organization into area groups
  • Viewable gun models
  • More information on ships and guns
  • Added Faction ship descriptions
  • Removed unlock system and achievements

- UI Aesthetics changes in menus and Match
- Moderated match functions (Moderator and referee use):
  • Visible timer (spectator only)
  • Spawn target (spectator only)
  • End match and declare winner (spectator only)
  • Change map in lobby
  • Added ‘referee’ user level

New changes brought to you by the Experimental Crew, a dedicated group of players working closely with Muse to bring your feedback into reality! Vet to novice, all are welcome. Join the Crew!

- Water Hazard, Northern Fjords & Fight over Firnfeld activated for 4v4 Deathmatch

- Crazy King:
  • All CK maps are activated for 2v2 and 3v3
  • Reduced capture and decap times to 15 seconds (from 30)
  • Reduced capture point active time to 170 seconds (from 198)
  • Point A is always first
  • All new start spawns surround Point A
  • Point radius is 200 (from 150).
  • Respawns completely redone on all CK maps
  • Respawns are shared on all CK maps

- Anglean Raiders:
  • Point limit to 500 (from 450)
  • Reordered points to minimize long travel.
  • Moved B8 point to C2 and lowered
  • Moved I8 point to G9
  • Raised flight ceiling 100 meters. Effects all Firnfeld maps (excluding Breach Occupation)

- Raid on the Refinery:
  • Point limit to 500 (from 450)
  • Raised flight ceiling 100 meters. Effects all Blackcliff maps.

- King of the Flayed Hills:
  • Point limit to 650 (from 550)
  • Removed point in A2
  • Added points in D7, G4 and I4

- Veteran Defense drills increased durability:
  • This also affects ‘emplacements’ such as enemy walls and turrets in other modes

- Adjustments to Infiltrate:
  • Lower rate of fire on turrets
  • Decreased range
  • Reduced fire stacks per hit to 5

- Mobula:
  • Forward Speed: 28m/s (from 26)
  • Forward Acceleration: 4m/s2 (from 3.5)
  • Vertical Acceleration: 5.5m/s2 (from 4.75)
  • Vertical speed 15m/s (from 17.07)

- Magnate:
  • Armor: 620 (from 525, exactly 8 spanner hits)
  • Turn Speed: 15deg/s (from 11.5)

- Junker:
  • Forward Speed: 30m/s (from 26.01)
  • Vertical Speed: 13m/s (from 17.06)

- Stormbreaker:
  • Armor: 320 (from 700)
  • Speed: 30m/s (from 29.91)
  • Forward Acceleration:  15m/s2 (from 29.21)
  • Turn Speed: 16deg/s (from 18)
  • Turn Acceleration: 10deg/s2 (from 12.38)
  • Vertical Speed: 16m/s (from 12.99)
  • Vertical Acceleration: 3m/s2 (from 6.32)
  • Gun 2 moved left and angled 40° to port (from 15°)
  • Gun 4 angled 115° to port (from 90°)
  • Hull and Balloon fixpoint positions switched. Balloon fixpoint move more forward.
  • Fork in front of balloon is now Hull hitbox.
  • Two braces on right side of main balloon are now Hull hitbox.
  • Small increase in size of right side Balloon hitbox.

- Spire:
  • All structure surrounding Balloon is now Balloon hitbox (was Hull)

  • Goldfish sails color map texture
  • Slots 3 & 4 in crew switched gunners to engineers when a ship swap occurs
  • World map event buff duration longer than it should be
  • Prompt to save character changes even there's nothing changed
  • The team color boxes on ship loadout customization screen appeared white
  • Faction rewards renamed
  • Light mount screw showing on multiple ships. Removed lower geometry.
  • Fixed launcher text/line spacing
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Re: 2.0.8 Royal Flush Update
« Reply #1 on: January 15, 2018, 08:41:21 am »
The first 3v3 Flayed Hills with the new overhaul ended 638 to 638 with point B (The Narrows) capped in Red favor, 12 seconds from winning. 
Red team: Two Stormbreakers and a Spire
Blue team: Galleon, Magnate, Pyra

Blue won with a Galleon ram kill (I think, correct me if I am wrong). It was epic! I was on Red, but still epic.

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Re: 2.0.8 Royal Flush Update
« Reply #2 on: January 29, 2018, 02:33:48 pm »
Hotfix build 647:

- Fixed missing sections of the Goldfish's model
- Water Hazard, Northern Fjords, and Fight Over Firnfeld 4v4 Deathmatch variants have had their score limit set to 9 (was mistakenly 7)
- Fixed static in track 21 of the Alliance soundtrack
- Fixed placeholder text visible in the library before hovering over any book
- Fixed overflowing text in the match list
- Added monument from the last war to the world map

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Re: 2.0.8 Royal Flush Update
« Reply #3 on: January 31, 2018, 12:57:17 pm »
Hotfix build 648:

- Fixed the text on the most recent war monument