Author Topic: Suggested Ammo for Heavy Accelerator and Nemesis  (Read 9702 times)

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Suggested Ammo for Heavy Accelerator and Nemesis
« on: June 09, 2017, 03:55:57 pm »
I've been testing out the Heavy Accelerator and Nemesis to determine good ammo types to use on them, and would like to see what experience other people have had with them.

What I have seen so far:

On the Heavy Accelerator:

Greased is good on the Accelerator because it improves your charging just enough (from 12s to ~7s, timed on a wristwatch) that you can get a follow-up shot in before a mallet cooldown finishes, and it still does a bit more damage than a mallet can repair, allowing you to two-shot some ships despite repair attempts.

Lochnegar can be good on the Accelerator because it has just enough HP to survive self-damage, is off repair cooldown by the time it can fire again, and usually one-shots armor with the 125% damage boost.  The slower turning can be difficult to deal with if a target is evading or your own pilot is moving erratically, though.

Charged is situational: against weaker ships it can give you just enough of a push to one-shot their armor, but if it fails the target will have more than enough time to repair all the damage you did.

Burst is situational/an oddball.  Can swat planes and allow you to use the rail as an improvised disable, but definitely sacrifices killing power due to how it affects the charge mechanic.

Heavy is useless, because the Accelerator has no appreciable jitter in the first place.

Lesmok is useless, the accelerator is already so fast the bonus isn't noticeable.

Incendiary is of questionable value.  While the accelerator can hit many targets at once, it's not nearly fast enough to refresh the stacks.

Heat sink is heat sink.

On the Nemesis:

Greased can be somewhat favorable because it speeds up the gun's slow rate of fire and takes advantage of its fairly quick reload, but the projectile velocity reduction can be pretty noticeable.

Charged aggravates its already low rate of fire,  but it can still fire a volley of three within one repair cycle so it's pretty punchy.  Potentially good.

Lochnegar is situational.  Very punchy if you double-tap someone with it, but it damages itself faster than it can be repaired so in a sustained fight, repair-breaks will be necessary.

Burst has similar problems to charged, but the Nemesis already has pretty good disable power and burst can definitely help it lock down a whole ship.

Heavy has some potential value as a range extension, since the Nemesis' jitter is similar to the Banshee (looks a bit smaller to me, but close).

Lesmok competes with Heavy as a range extension, since the Nemesis' slow projectile definitely benefits from a speed boost.

Incendiary is questionable.  A full volley might be able to set quite a few fire stacks, but burst is probably the better disable option since that will just immediately break stuff.

Heat sink is heat sink.

That's my opinions on how those two guns interact with ammo types, and overall I do like the feel of them.  Their personalities show up quite a bit in their ammo types too: the Accelerator is very much a specialist gun that does one job well, while the Nemesis feels like a nice jack-of-all-trades.  Anyone else have something to say about them?