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War Prolonged
« on: August 03, 2017, 04:38:55 pm »

For this conflict the Factions are united once again into two opposing forces:

The Technocratic Union, composed of the Anglean Republic, Arashi League, and the Order of Chaladon, whose goal is to dismantle the Yeshan Training Grounds at Lu Tower, deep within Yeshan territory by means of technology and preservation.

Opposing them, the Magisterial Consortium, unifying the Yeshan Empire, the Fjord Baronies, and the Mercantile Guild, who are bound by honour & gold to triumph over their foes.

Additional supplies have been secured and the coalitions are given another week to continue their offensives in this war. But be wary, diplomats stand ready to put an end to this conflict August 10th.

Make your war effort count!