Author Topic: Exclusively using Burst in the Heavy Hwatcha?  (Read 17234 times)

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Re: Exclusively using Burst in the Heavy Hwatcha?
« Reply #15 on: September 29, 2017, 08:12:29 am »
True. Heavy clip performance has only been changed a little with the increased velocity. However, Heavy Clip itself was changed in March, removing the loss of ammo and slowing the ROF.

More ammo + more velocity did make Heavy better for the kill since January.

The recent change to hwacha AOE and jitter and previous change to Burst knocked off a lot of effectiveness for disables. After a week of live use, it is too much. While 'fair', it is not fun. Solid hits are not rewarding enough. However, the old stats of just having a hwacha look in your direction or hit mostly your balloon and everything is disabled was also not fun. We are looking into testing a change this weekend that should hit a nice middle ground.

Right now, it takes three hits within the 50% of max AOE radius to disable a light gun. This was OK with hwacha's massive AOE before, since just hitting a ship with Burst would insure that. With the reduction to AOE, it is much less likely to get those three hits. We are goign to try to change the numbers a little to only take 2 hits within the smaller AOE to break a light gun. There will not be much change to its ability to break heavy engines, though, since 2 shots could almost break a light gun already. The damage change is minor.