Author Topic: Feedback about certain abilities  (Read 4319 times)

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Feedback about certain abilities
« on: May 29, 2017, 09:57:32 pm »
So, ive been hearing negative thoughts on certain gunner/engineer/pilot abilities and i thought ill share with the devs so that hopefully they can make the community see this abilities as useful

Pilot abilities:

-Enchanced envelope: have heared this ability is overall considered decent to bad, not many people actually use it, I find it decent in my opinion

-Tar Bomb: theres not much negativity, But no one really uses it, and it seems rather usless since the ships can just fly out of it

Gunner Ability:

-Concussive Blast: Overall considered bad, Single target, Long cooldown, Doesnt really do much other than push a single ship

-Proximal Detonation: Considered very bad, I havent seen this ability beeing used once

-Gigatron blast: Same as concussive blast

Engineer Ability:

-Salvo Neutralizer: Considered usless, Covers a small part of the ship, Has a very long cooldown, and it tends to break before its duration even finishes, Also sometimes glitches and cant even be used

-Remote Drone: Considered usless too, The drone shoots too slow, fires 4 gat shots or so every 5 seconds, its mortar doesnt do that much damage either

-Component Disruption: Generally this ability is seen bad as far as i see, people say there are way better choices than this, like for example a gunner using Lightning Draw with a hwcha can basically do what this ability does

Hoppefully the devs can see this and do something about it!

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Re: Feedback about certain abilities
« Reply #1 on: May 30, 2017, 02:07:50 am »
Hi there! The devs don't usually visit these forums but you can directly contact them with this information over at the email

As for the abilities, the only ability i use is the Drift, its not that I find the others bad or any negativity at all, its just that I love piloting in Alliance for the thrill of ramming a ship to death faster than a squid, using a Corsair.... just writing this is making me smile with a shiver down my spine...