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Trading Map Concept
« on: May 05, 2017, 12:06:54 am »
An idea I've been cooking up for a single-player map minigame that could tie in to the main one.

-Picture just for context

Essentially its just a buy low, travel, sell high resource trading game using the existing map.

-Each of the capitals has a buy and sell price for each of the 6 resources. (maybe Cathedral as well because it looks notable on the map)

-You start in your factions capital as an icon for your 'ship' and can buy resources to fill up your cargo hold using money from your war chest.

-Each of the remaining provinces on the map is randomly assigned a match type from alliance or skirmish, if your current province has a line to the next one you can move there by winning a match of the type shown for that province. (Difficulty/ underdog could be accounted for somehow to avoid anti fun incentives but this is still just a concept)

-After winning the needed chain of matches and arriving at another capital city you can sell your cargo, hopefully for a profit.

-Losing too many matches results in your ship being destroyed and cargo lost, you start again in your capital, the counter could be reset at a capital province (maybe for a fee if its not yours).

-At some point both the provinces you 'defeated' and traveled through should gain a new required match/ replace their current one* respectively.
*to prevent building up a map full of disliked match types that the player avoided.

Things to do with the profits:

-Spend them on existing map reinforcements.

-Buy a better 'ship' for this map game, a galleon for example might allow you a larger cargo hold and take more losses before you die but be somehow slower (I've not figured out what speed would do yet).

-Buy other buffs for this map game, like setting up a refueling point in a non capital tile, or suppressing pirates along a trade route (meaning you can fly it for free while the buff lasts).

-Buy better versions of map reinforcements by taking a hold full of resources directly to the province you want to benefit, for example a hold full of timber and mined resources might get better and cheaper walls, but only if you fly to where they are needed.

-Buy essentially pointless vanity items, titles would be easily done, other things could be possible.

Basically its a pale shadow of peoples hopes and dreams for adventure mode, but it would be nice to fly around the map even in a limited and abstract manner, and would give a sense of individually doing something that faction war map really lacks.

In its most basic form it would be really easy to implement and could be expanded from there if people enjoyed it enough to merit that.

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Re: Trading Map Concept
« Reply #1 on: May 05, 2017, 05:04:37 pm »
would be a fun little mini game.

also would flesh out the world alittle more.