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2.01 Release Notes
« on: April 25, 2017, 04:07:41 pm »
New content:

Night descends on Icarus!

Parous Glen (Night)
Ashen Scuffle (Night)
Enjoy a new visual experience as you navigate a dark and ominous lava-scape. These are the first of many night maps and have been testing for a while. This comes with a lighting change to lamps on ships to make sure even if you have a hard time seeing ahead of you, you’ll still know where you are on the ship!

PvP gains Alliance ship and gun!

New PvP Ship: Shike
New PvP Gun: Tempest Missile Launcher
Global community challenge. Since PvE players have to unlock new guns and ships, we wanted to attach the same idea to new PvP content. To make sure some players don’t have tools that others don’t, it’s a global challenge. Once 4700 matches of PvE are completed both the ship and gun will be available to everyone in PvP! We want to use this system for a bunch of rewards so let us know what you think!

Leadership medals
The first leaders earned a special reward for taking the top spots on the leaderboard. This was something we did manually, but now every leader will automatically get a medal and title for the work they’ve put in.

War begins!
The merchants hit their war goal over the weekend and with that, the small squabbles between factions have blown up into a full blown war! Merchants join arms with the Chaladon as the Immortal Insurrection and find themselves squaring off against the Northern Guard the combined forces of the Republic and Baronies.

Get into game to vote for your alliance’s goals. You decide your reasons for fighting and what you need to fight for next.


Added a message that appears when a running Steam client is not detected, and prompts the user to restart Steam and then the game (used to quit immediately)
Changed display of Wall and Mission Reward to display approximated real efforts and % change instead of abstraction of curve that these are based on
Crusader visual adjustments
More accessible wanted leaderboard
Reduced leadership time to 4 days (from 7)
Updated opening cinematic
See skills and guns and ships locked and show how to unlock them with rollover
Added instructions for the world map
Tutorial improvements
Enemy AA Ordnance: Muzzle speed 500m/s (from 350)
Infiltration: Increase enemy budget, increased VIP hunting task force 0.5 (from 0.4), fixed issue with walls and enemy spawning interaction
Assault: Increased enemy budget, Mining Outpost (intermediate base) hull +30% and armor +25%, Manufacturing base (final base) hull +25%
Hard difficulty: Enemy base and AA ordnance damage -13% (from -25&)
Veteran difficulty: Drill & bases durability +35% (from 0), Enemy base and AA Ordnance damage +50% (from 0)
Hell difficulty: Drill & bases durability +55% (from 25)
New menu for books


Achievement adjustments and fixes
MAC: When displaying function keys to the player, macs now add 'fn +' in front of it
Chat overlaps window
Fixed a pathfinding issue that could cause matches to freeze up on certain maps (Thornholt Crest most notably)
On the statistics screen, if one hadn't played a class yet, the most played ship is no longer shown as a white square
Infiltration: fixed mismatch between in-game and match-end display of VIP health
The CA list no longer continues off the UI when there are more than 7 CAs online
Fixed glitched world map when a system language other than US English was in use
Fixed typo in Lochnagar description
Fixed broken storm sky transitions after exiting a match while a transition was active
Fixed an error caused by people trying to activate special abilities in PvP
Team tab now properly displays the teams when spectating to the end match screen of a PvP match
Increased flare gun’s light brightness and fixed it overbrighting the helm
Fixed lights not falling back to vertex path (should improve dark maps on low settings)
Clan membership button disappears
Inconsistent load-out preview when joining ongoing match
Character customization lighting darkened
Fixed resource display during war
Fixed unlocked faction ships are not accessible in Evadne's Ship Reports
Fixed missing loading screen images
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Re: 2.01 Release Notes
« Reply #1 on: May 04, 2017, 01:31:01 pm »
Hotfix Build 603:

- Tempest Missile Launcher effects tuned to be less overwhelming when hitting player ships
- Performance improvements to Tempest projectiles
- Infiltration capture time increased to 40 seconds
- Fixed missing sky on Ashen Scuffle (Practice)
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Re: 2.01 Release Notes
« Reply #2 on: May 04, 2017, 02:02:09 pm »
Night descends on Icarus!

From Software called, they want their skybox from Kiln Of The First Flame back.