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4.10.17 Hotfix Notes
« on: April 10, 2017, 06:04:42 am »
  • AI now will now keep reticule on the target for Missile Circus.
  • Fixed an engineer tutorial issue blocking progress.
  • Repairs now count toward war chest coin accumulation + engineer extra XP
  • Fixed a bug where more than 7 leaders deployed in a location resulted in no leader bonus.
  • Added unlockables to faction selection page
  • Increase normal difficulty matches' gained faction reputation by 40%
  • Added popup reminder when Skills, Guns and Ships are unlocked
  • Fixed a world map bug where defender's efforts from the removed battles are not carried to the new battle.
  • Infiltration: Added Warning for when VIP ship is under attack
  • Fixed wrong storm sky.
  • Fixed overflow achievement text.
  • Fixed a bug where user level showed 0 in running lobbies.
  • Fixed an issue of not able to see any of the controls.
  • Fixed an issue of not able to switch tabs at PVP Match End
  • Fixed a bug where enemies couldn't pick up barges.
  • Fixed a bug where new skill doesn't show up when player unlocks it if a player got a client crash; also fixed a bug where user's "unlock x special abilities" got more progress.
  • Fixed a bug where faction reputation gained in weekly missions was lost.
  • Fixed a bug where difficulty did not show when joining a running match
  • Survival: Players will no longer lose if the enemy reaches their goal AFTER the boss is killed
  • Fixed a bug where spectators at match end does not show team (score) panel
  • Added click sound feedback on worldmap
  • Fixed an issue that Armor kit tool (crowbar) swinging sound delayed
  • World Map Unlock Dialog: The leader "activate" button should ghost out if the player has already voted there, and update once this status changes
  • Adjusted Size of Map Control Point Icons
  • Fix for playing music outside of time bounds
  • Fixed issue with Failsafe kit tool cut off when swinging
  • Grandmaster Acheivement reworked from 100, 150, 50, 150, 50, 150 matches to 30, 25, 15, 25, 15, 25 matches
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