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Weekly Competitive Tournament


Join us every Sunday at 7pm UTC (3pm EDT) in the only weekly tournament of Guns of Icarus: Sunday Community Skirmish.
We have made it easier than ever to participate:

First, form a team of 2 ships (8 players). An easy place to start this task is the Sunday Community Skirmish Discord Server. Simply sign on and ask around. Second, check out the Rulebook. It contains a TLDR section for your convenience. Third, visit the weekly Sign-up Post and register your team.

Are you looking to help run the tournament?

We have spots available for Referees and Casters. This may be your new hobby. Referees need to know the rules fairly well - there is a section in the rulebook that simplifies the entire process.
Casters only need the hardware/software to stream and the drive to entertain an audience. Visit the Discord Server and we'll get you spun up.

Maybe you want to be the audience? Check out the Discord Server, Sign-up Post, or the event Tournament Bracket the day of the event for a link to the stream.

Rewards are available for participating, placing 1st or 2nd, reffing, and casting. See the Rulebook for more details.

Discord Server:
Sign-up Post:,8717.0.html
Tournament Information:

Contact Solidusbucket or Huskarr if you have any questions.


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