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« on: March 08, 2017, 03:30:53 pm »
Basicly scripted scenarios like the tutorials, but challanging, and either for solo or team play. (ranging from 2 to 5-10 minutes)

Seeing as the current practice mode isn't exacly helpful if someone wants to practice alone or as a crew anything else than flying around, I thought there could be done more to the current tutorial system.
These could potentially cannibalize alliance, but it wouldn't need to be so extensive. (They wouldn't contribute to your progress, just as the tutorials or practice doesn't, but you could get a nice achievemnt for completing them)

Some examples i was thinking about:

-You spawn in, find yourself under constant fire pressure, scripted ships are closing in your position. These would be exacly the same, so you'd need to find the best loadout and strategy to reach an objective (like surviving the engagement until your scripted ally comes to the rescue) Potentially your crew would be scripted too, so they take the same limited roles as always, and you can learn where you need to do your job to fit in.

-You as an engineer are under attack by 2 disable ships. Survive until your ally comes and assist it in the kill.
-You as a gunner need to kill every enemy that spawns (similar to the tutorial and alliance, but scripted, and against real ships, not dummies or alliance AI). It's basicly a rail shooter, but you have to move between your guns.
-You as a pilot need to sneak through strategicaly placed and patroling AI (non-alliance) ships.

In short, an after-graduate program for those who finished the tutorials, but still can't distinguish the mallet from the chem spray. (And/or challanges for seasoned crews for some extra polish)

-Workshop support would also be nice, so muse doesn't have to add them all the time (I know what I wrote takes a lot of work to build up, but it would be nice regardless)