Author Topic: just another map thread?  (Read 961 times)

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just another map thread?
« on: February 28, 2017, 05:36:19 pm »
So recently during a devapp testing some ideas regarding new maps spontaniously popped up but I'm not sure if anything of it really got noted since it wasn't the subject and more some kind of by-product. I looked up some old threads to see if this was already a noticed input so I'll just try to summarize here what I remember and found:

Night map with stars in the sky
This has been an idea for long and apparantly it's already planned . It seems that  in order to keep it playable for weaker machines as well, there can't be too complicated lighting with individual frontlights for every ship. But could it be possible to maybe add one signal tower with a rotating spotlight as replacement for the sun (ofc not that bright and not with a huge radius)? I think that would look really cool.

Some sort of underground or cave map
I imagine it with bats and gloomy mushrooms, but that's just detail ^^

A map with giant trees
maybe you could hide inside a green crown full of leaves or take cover behind massive tree trunks until your balloon gets popped and you fall down between some huge gnarled roots.

A map with a constant sea of thick heavy fogg in the lower half of the map that prevents spotting and adds quite some sneakyness to the tactics (this was proposed in voicechat during testing and received quite some approval)

I imagine some playground maps would be fun to see like a really futuristic one with neon glowing edges on bizarre machinery, a land of sweets and cream (like that one in mario kart) or a ratmap built of legos and toys. But that's probably way too much out of concept and won't happen unless there is a workshop for maps which is not going to happen neither I guess?

Generally some interactive elements (similar to the dust clouds) to be considered in strategy like for example
lightning clouds (weren't they already planned once?)
tar-ish cloud eruptions in volcanic environments or bubbleing pools of acid with toxic steams
increased danger of fire when near lava streams
waterfalls look cool and maybe flying through will push you towards the ground but extinguish fires
skywhales to drag you along when hooked with a harpoon (maybe not the best idea, just trying to be creative ^^)
some sort of upwind at coastal cliffs
making those swing bridges actually swing when rammed instead of being hard rock solid
The chance of Donald Trump nuking the whole map making everybody loose.
and rioting Laserraptors and Unicorns dancing on rainbows! They can be boarded of course.

It would be cool if some Devs could leave a few words on what is possible, what is not, what is planned and what is considered to be too much effort for very low effect.
Also of course share your thoughts and ideas!