Author Topic: Gunner focused ammo types  (Read 10291 times)

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Re: Gunner focused ammo types
« Reply #15 on: February 08, 2017, 08:12:40 pm »
It is. I am just saying it was tested in devapp. Injection clip, Proximity, Slugs, and Dragons Breath were all very situational ammo. I guess the reaction from most of the testers was not favorable, so that path was abandoned. People just did not like the thought of ammo that would not be good for engineers as well. Not my opinion. I want more specialized versions of current ammo.

Maybe it would work if ONLY a gunner could use them, locking out nub engies with useless ammo. Though, you will always have scrubs with Burst gat.

I remember injection clip! it  was an inferior type of ammo but loaded faster, so gunners would select it while loading but switch to a different type of ammo at the last second for a faster reload with the ammo type they wanted. Can't remember if that was Muse's intentions or if they considered that an exploit...

After they decided not to include the new ammo types i actually remember putting forward a gunner tool that would be a crank or something that you would switch to while reloading to that speed up the reloading process.

A tool like that could be useful to help gunners, take 2 unique ammos and a crank to up your DPS.