Author Topic: Atruejedi Permanent Ban  (Read 7846 times)

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Atruejedi Permanent Ban
« on: January 24, 2017, 03:56:57 pm »
Hello everyone,

As of 4:00 PM eastern, Atruejedi has been permanently banned from all Guns of Icarus related products and websites.

We received reports of serious sexual offences against Guns of Icarus Players including those under the age of consent.  This was done with tools outside of Icarus (using things like the Steam Client.)  This made these reports hard to substantiate, but we have taken the past couple weeks to investigate, find evidence, obtain chat logs, and screenshots. To protect those that came forward, the evidence will not be shown, even showing his words would let him know which of his victims came forward and open them up to further harassment.

Our first job is to protect the victims from any backlash. Know that the evidence was overwhelming and from multiple independent sources.

The safety of our players of every age is core to the way we want to run our company.

Although our policy is normally to not talk about moderation actions, but this player will not be coming back and since he is such a well known figure. We believed it was best to put our reasoning forward rather than remain silent.

The Mighty Pirate voice pack will be removed from game and any purchasers will receive a refund or substitute item, we will be sending an email out to owners shortly.

This thread will start locked due to its highly volatile nature. We are of course open to discuss this through email at