Author Topic: New Customization?!? And stuff.  (Read 451 times)

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New Customization?!? And stuff.
« on: November 13, 2016, 12:27:09 am »
In light of alliance and all the new stuff (And Our/their Magnates look the same)... What about adding paint regions to all the ships and more paint colors? Promote the market and give us a use for all that extra paint (Not 'dye') also it would be something for everyone.

On that note Alliance overshadowed it but I saw the whole 'new KOTH' map thing and am really pumped to check that out. (some skimishers have been miffed by the community schism.)

And to some of the more veteran players, yes fighting AI can be monotonous and boring but this mode offers an opportunity to grow the community and fighting AI  can be more 'fun' when you're just starting to learn what it takes to be an effective pilot/crew team and in the long run it could lead to more and stronger players testing out/ playing PvP.
    Let's face it. Being a new pilot sucks. Sometimes people outright demand you relinquish the wheel, often the lobby is out of balance in some way (can't help that more experienced players are more willing to take the wheel in order to start a game. Piloting is hard.) Your crew either isn't helpful enough or is too helpful (I know...) and there's a lot to learn about the game and the pilot needs to know it the most so it's all just really chaotic and your fault when you just start out... it sucks. Try to enjoy the new things find a way to make it interesting... I don't know take balloon/disable and try to train the ally ship to kill or something... Flare-centric loadouts? Ram Squid?!? We can easily be our factions leaders we know how. (I call it "The Bullet Train to Boomtown.") Flaunt it! Play the big map, incite a mob, Tell those Mercantile, "You don't have the lobes!" and prove it! Yay, new stuff!

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