Author Topic: 'Cleaver' ship concept. A real 'glass cannon'.  (Read 1833 times)

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'Cleaver' ship concept. A real 'glass cannon'.
« on: November 05, 2016, 03:02:39 pm »
This the ship you get when you no longer have a ship. It is pieced together from the wrecks of other ships with not so lucky crews.  What's this? Two light engines and one heavy? Maybe they will balance each other out. A few balloons! This thing may fly.  Among the debris, you also find two heavy gun mounts and one light. Unfortunately, there are not many scraps of hull to attach them, nor space to place them near the engineering stations. Looks like one engineer will have to cover all the parts. Luckly, they are all close together. You always dd want a ship made for two gunners. You and the engineer will have to fix everything.

Well, it ain't pretty, and won't take much of a beating, but god help anyone that wanders in your path.

You dub it a Cleaver class ship: an actual glass cannon.

Mobula for scale. Model made completely out of other ships with no shape or size modifications. Just rotations and cuts. It contains at least one part from every Skirmish ship. Made for fun, really, but someone asked me to post it.