Author Topic: Zanc's Gunnery sheet  (Read 5390 times)

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Zanc's Gunnery sheet
« on: October 15, 2016, 02:40:15 pm »

Months ago, Muse released a huge balance update. Just before they pushed out the Loch change, I sent them a Dev App feedback email. It specifically says that Loch is overpowered and would be a problem if it goes live. I even pinpointed what the problem was and proposed a solution, as with all feedback I send. Nothing changed and it went live. You guys know the rest.

Some of the other changes were good, some were not. That's fine, it happens. We can fix it. Several feedback emails later, Muse threw out more and more balance changes completely in the opposite direction of all the feedback I've sent. Then, the regular whom I was playing with decided to quit the game (for his own reasons). A familiar name - Kamoba. I too had enough of poor decisions and stopped playing.

Today, I leave behind my finest spreadsheet.
Zanc's Gunnery sheet:

There are more docs like it but this is the one I always go back to. The reason I never shared it was because I thought nobody would ever use it. It's disorganized, 'numbers'-heavy and confusing at first glance. But maybe someone will use it for whatever.

Although competitively trained as a Buff Engi (which I completely mastered), I always saw myself as a Gunning Enthusiast. At one point I was also working on a comprehensive buff engi guide, but abandoned it after losing interest in the game. Will come back to try Alliance since I've already bought it though.

Take care
[G/♫] Zanc

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Re: Zanc's Gunnery sheet
« Reply #1 on: October 15, 2016, 03:54:47 pm »
Good god. Numbers heavy indeed, but for all the nerds out there, this is gold, Jerry. Gold!

It sucks that we've lost another veteran with an interest in fostering the community. I really wish Muse would take note of just how many players have quit because of their poor decisions regarding balance and (often ignored) community feedback (though we're finally on our way to some Spire/Mobula/Squid changes and we're getting some re-purposed maps... but it might be too late :-\ ). The community in the past year has shrunken to dangerously low levels, but Muse's typical rationalization is, "Well, that's just life. Attrition. People leave." I reject that notion. I've played other games for years because I had no reason to quit. If a game is good, it's good. Muse is responsible for the fruit withering on the vine.

You should come to the Chaos Skirmish tonight at 9:30 PM EDT if you're just looking to have some non-competitive fun as a great finale to your career with GOI. Lots of cool cats hang out. Four matches of 4 vs. 4 with randomized crews, roles, teams, and special rules. If you're unfamiliar with the event, check out all the info here:

Sidenote: Have you heard of The Gun Range? I threw it together to show gun ranges/arcs with a variety of different ammunitions and I think it compliments your work well :)