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12 Hour Charity Livestream: October 2016 Edition


On October 23, I will be hosting another 12 hour-long livestream, supporting the American Brain Tumor Association, from 10 AM EDT until 10 PM EDT.

My goal is to raise $100 for the ABTA, the only nonprofit organization in the United States dedicated to supporting families of brain tumor patients and research. I have held these livestreams twice a year since my dad passed away of brain cancer in 2013.

Here is my schedule for the day. All times are in US Eastern Daylight Time. It may change up until October 16:

* 10AM: The Elder Scrolss V: Skyrim
* 11AM: Rocket League
* 12PM: Rocket League
* 1PM: Papers, Please
* 2PM: Guns of Icarus
* 3PM: Guns of Icarus Sunday Community Skirmish #125 featuring Grimick
* 4PM: Guns of Icarus Sunday Community Skirmish #125 featuring Grimick
* 5PM: Guns of Icarus - End of SCS
* 6PM: Guns of Icarus
* 7PM: Guns of Icarus
* 8PM: Overwatch/Hatoful Boyfriend
* 9PM: Overwatch/Hatoful Boyfriend
The entire 12 hours will be broadcasted on my twitch channel!

I also have some incentives for donating:
$0.01 or more: A personal thank you from me and the warm feeling of knowing you helped someone somewhere who is going through hard times
$7.00(Guns of Icarus): Decide my player loadout for the next game.
$8.00(Guns of Icarus): Decide ship loadout for next match.
$10.00: You get to choose any song for me to sing. Just be warned: While I can't sing well, I will try my best.

If I reach a total of $80 before 8PM EDT, I will be playing Hatoful Boyfriend, a dating simulator where all characters are birds, with fellow members of the Grim Reapers clan voicing the characters.

If you would like to chat with me or play any of the games with me, join my Discord server at any time (besides during the Sunday Community Skirmish).

Important links (in case they don't show up above):
Fundraiser Page:
Twitch Page:
Discord Server:

"coo"~me while I was supposed to be sleeping

The Mann:

That was an amazing stream!

We played rocket league, we took two all flak spires and won and we casted scs!

Thank you to everyone who joined me during the stream! It was a lot of fun, but most importantly, the goal of $100 was reached!

I have highlighted sections of the stream:

* Rocket League with The Mann
* Full-Flak Spire Match due to a donation from Solidusbucket
* Sunday Community Skirmish #125 with Grimick and The Mann
* Singing Come Out Ye Black and Tans due to a donation from WATERitsME
* Singing Winged Hussars due to a donation from Farfar
* Singing The Logical Song due to a donation from Julia - YouTube link taken down due to copyright strike
* Singing I Dreamed a Dream due to a donation from Julia
* Singing 99 Luftballons due to a donation from Julia
* Hatoful Boyfriend with Huskarr and WATERitsME
And of course, thank you to the two who donated not mentioned above, bagelsan and Huskarr.


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