Author Topic: Alliance Open Alpha FAQ (Constantly Growing as Questions Come in)  (Read 11764 times)

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- How to switch to alliance?

Hit "Skirmish Mode (Click To Toggle)" button above the Play button in the main screen.

- How to join a match?

After you switch to alliance mode, hit Play button just like before.

- What does Deploy button in World Progression do?

When you finish alliance matches, your war efforts will to added to that location, helping your faction win that battle. The button is not used to join a match though.

- How to switch factions?

Go to progression -> faction. There's a 20% faction reputation deduction for changing factions, but you can only go to level 4 in the open alpha so feel free to try them all!

-How do I reallocate my skills?
Current you can't, but all skill points will be refunded at the end of the open Alpha (next monday)
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