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Schwalbe makes videos. He shouldn't.

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So, some time ago I picked up Sony Vegas, and started making some gameplay vids.

Here's the fresh (and only thus far) GOIO vid:

The rest of them are in Polish, with English subtitles (except for one) provided by myself. Enjoy? I guess? watching me, trying to be funny, to fail miserably.

STALKER: Shadow Of Chernobyl:

* STALKER: "Attack" order (blocked in Germoney, because copyright claims over classical music, which is bullshit)

The Witcher 1:

Those were my first videos made, so they might be rough on edges, and harsh with their sound. Sorry.
Also. Many Sapkowski's books references.

* Witcher: Aggresive Flora
* Witcher: And who is the Beast here?
* Witcher: The life of the witcher is not an easy one...

I only watched the GOIO one. It was very funny up until the actual match. The match parts were well edited, IMO, just not entertaining to me. The end with the victory screen was classic.

I lold a lot. Thank you.

Also, that long MM time was exactly why I don't use it anymore when I go solo. I only join matches that are near full while in lobby (red ones) or are ongoing (green ones).

I don't use it either when going solo, just used it for the sake of the video, as I had a gag I thought was quite good (the nature documentary in the beginning)

About the match part. Trust me, it wasn't fun for me either. xD

Curiosity. Seen a bonus in the end? :P

Hoja Lateralus:
Let me chime in a bit

Schwalbe's history with Sony Vegas started when he visited me and we decided to check capabilities of my new computer, so we recorded something and with some random 10 minutes of recording we came up with several gags, so we downloaded Sony Vegas and by trial and error we together edited our first video of Wolfenstein: New Order.

This motherfucker

I only have 2 videos because exam session, but I will probably make some more some time, they are in english, no voice yet as I currently have no mic.

Just to clarify.

I made most of these vids in Polish only because I have Polish localizations of them. It would be awkward to make english version of me speaking with polish game and vice versa.

Hence the subtitles.


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