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I've just started streaming GoI gameplay on my twitch channel as of Chaos Skirmish #6, and I expect to be regularly streaming GoI content on it 3-4 days a week (maybe more, but I'll start with this).  Tonight, I just did a run through of some of the recent patch and my thoughts on some parts of the patch, played some VIP mode matches, and played the new tutorial.  If you're interested in checking it out, you can visit my channel at:

I try to leave notes on my channel when I plan on streaming next, so keep an eye out for them.

Caution: I do have the mature tag on my channel, due to some of the conversations in-game that can occasionally arise from Chaos Skirmish.  Once I get a proper overlay working, I may consider removing the mature tag from my stream.  For now, it's just a precaution.

Update: I've added a Youtube channel, since Twitch drops replays after two weeks.  It's bare bones right now, so pardon the dust.

Click here to visit my Youtube channel.

Update: Doing my first marathon stream today.  Currently in progress.  I'm going 10 hours strong today.  Today's marathon stream features both skrimish and alliance mode, plus the obligatory Chaos Skirmish #21!


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