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Re: Tournament: 7 Deadly Ships! (Information)
« Reply #45 on: July 09, 2016, 12:14:22 pm »
7 Deadly Ships Scores Week 7
Challonge set for Week 7
Load Outs for Week 7

Storm Ryders = 6.5 points
Predator Island = 4.75 points
Fancy Maenad Ryders = 3 points
Sexy Cage Dancers = 0 points

Total Combined Points

Storm Ryders = 44.25 points
Predator Island = 40 points
Fancy Maenad Ryders = 29.25 points
Sexy Cage Dancers = 10.75 points
Northern Ships - Forfeited

Afterward & Awards

As the name of the event suggests, 7 Deadly Ships unfortunately only lasts 7 weeks. With that being said, very big congratulations to Storm Ryders for securing the first place position. And a furthermore congratulations to everyone who made it through all 7 weeks of the event. As an organizer I hope that everyone had fun and enjoyed themselves with a set-up so different from the norm or what is to be expected of competitive Guns of Icarus.

Now on to the thing that everyone is chomping on the bit at, I'm sure: prizes.
1.     First place team will receive: "7 Deadly Ships” Champion Badge and a Unique Title
2.     Second place team will receive: “7 Deadly Ships” Runner-Up Badge and a Unique Title
3.     Other Participates will receive: “7 Deadly Ships” Participation Badge
As stated in the OP, most participants are eligible for a prize of some degree. Up to 12 people will be accepted per team to receive prizes. These players must have played a minimum of 2 weeks to be eligible to receive a prize. Team captains/leaders are asked to send an email to with their team's list of players, meeting the above criteria.

Feedback on the Event

Again, I truly hope everyone enjoyed playing in 7 Deadly Ships. It certainly wasn't easy to design/set-up/or run, but we tried our best to make a fun competitive event for everyone. If you have any feedback or further questions you'd like to say/ask, please feel free to ask it here.

Thanks for playing!~
7 Deadly Ships Organizers
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