Author Topic: The SCS needs you, to cast that is, also art and stuff  (Read 1801 times)

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The SCS needs you, to cast that is, also art and stuff
« on: April 24, 2016, 11:24:00 am »
Help the community! Learn to cast!

Would you like to learn how to cast? Wish someone would show you how to use twitch and related paraphernalia? Well the Sunday Community Skirmish (SCS) is short casters, so I figured I'd train us some new ones.

Actually that is an understatement, I'm the SCS emergency-oh-crap-I'm-needed-at-the-nuclear-plant-back-up caster, and I've done it for the past three, soon to be four weeks. I'm also about to start a new job with all that that entails. So even if you aren't super keen on casting but want to help the community out then this is a way you can do it. As someone who occasionally partakes in tournaments I can tell you folks really appreciate having that footage around for review, even a cast that has been thrown together at the last minute has value to the participants.

I'm offering two week instruction in casting (about an hour or two on two weekends). I will show you how to:
  • Set up a twitch account and create a channel
  • Download and use all the (free and open source) software you need to set up a broadcast, specifically the Open Broadcaster Software
  • Tell you all about what I've learned casting and help you avoid my many, many mistakes
  • Answer any questions you might have

The cost to you to set all this up will be time, but not dollars, all the software and starter accounts are free. What I'm looking for in return:
  • During week one of this process you'll be co-casting the SCS with me, 7pm UTC, on my channel
  • In the second week you will be hosting the SCS on your very own twitch channel
  • You'll host at least two additional SCS events
  • Cupcakes, I'd also like cupcakes

Any takers please get in contact with me either in game, via the forums, or on steam. Username is nanoduckling in all cases.

If you are already familiar with all this and want to help us out casting the SCS then please, get in contact with Lueosi.

Attention community minded artists
In the words of Zoidberg, one art please. Showing folks how to set up a new channel is pretty straight forward. Making the artistic assets and the like is less so. Folks creating these new channels I'm hoping will spring forth will probably benefit from some support from folks proficient in graphic design, video editing and composition. If you would like to volunteer to help new casters with art assets please get in contact with me or better yet post here. I suspect folks are more likely to sign up for this deal if they they will have some community support when it comes to making their cast look and sound the part. A splash screen, a logo, a 20 second jingle, even an intro / outro video will help these folks out a lot.