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« on: April 20, 2016, 07:15:44 am »
Hi, I e-mailed Muse these questions a week ago. I haven't had an answer yet and I also think it would be something nice to discuss with the community.

First off, the game world map, there is a scale on it that is like 75 pixels for 10km which is quite weird as it make the map very very small and make it seem like you could travel around the map in a day.
My calculations found 33296km² which is only a bit bigger than Belgium. I figured there was a typo and that it was 75 pixels for 100km which would put everything at 3329613km² which is comparable to the size of India. It seems about right to me and makes travelling seem a bit more daunting than "it's 5 minutes to the next city anyway".
I'm aware this map is not a complete world map and there's probably much of the world we have yet to see, but anyway it would be great to know what the intended size is.

My other question is related to speed. I have looked at player gathered data on ships speed in the game and then verified myself by going in game and timing the time it took to clear two squares on the map ( 1km if I'm not mistaken ), and it seems the ships are very fast ! The Junker which is the slowest reaches 93km/h which would probably make it very hard for the crew not to fall off, as the wind would be very strong and there are no wind shields on these ships. I am by no means a sailing expert or anything but I don't think I'm mistaken in that these speeds would be very dangerous to the crew.
I understand that the ships we pilot in the game are warships and that they aren't built for leisure travelling, so speed would be a very important characteristic to have. I also understand that gameplay is more important and I have no issue with how it feels while being in the game, the game would probably be less fun if ships were all 3 times as slow.
My question would be : What is the average speed of ships in a purely lore related way ? At what speed do travellers, merchants, patrols...etc wander the skies ?

I'm really curious about how much time it takes to travel around the world but I also want to open the discussion to the various difficulties ( like weather or raiders ) depending on where you are, also how the various faction control their borders ( how much one is free to enter their territory or not )...