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[Bmbl] Team Bumble
« on: April 17, 2016, 06:18:12 pm »
Team Bumble

Who we are:
Team Bumble is a collaborative 1-ship team made up of Storm Ryders & Cult of Keijo clan players.

What we do:
As the first point suggests we are a non-clan group focused on quality and high-stakes gameplay, we function as a single ship team and coordinate with like-minded teams for high-strategy air combat.

Why we do it:
Many clans and teams alike have a different purpose & function for their place in our community. Team Bumble's aim is to challenge itself and established players & teams through collaboration & teamwork (given events or private matches). We thrive on creativity and fluid gameplay that helps us excel at engagements. That said, this team will only make its debut during certain events permitting and private games (though you might see us floating about in informal public matches.)

Interested in private matches?
Just contact myself, Ayetach, to inquire about a private match collaboration and we'll consider plans & details for any such arrangement. Our willingness to participate in any collaborations is solely based on our teams unanimous agreement to do so. This collaboration will be in conjunction with other 1-ship teams to form a suitable 2v2 lobby.