Author Topic: Lethe Cosplay Spotlight: AnachroCon 2016  (Read 1143 times)

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Lethe Cosplay Spotlight: AnachroCon 2016
« on: March 21, 2016, 06:22:38 am »
Hello Sky Captains!

I attend MANY conventions predominantly on the east coast of the United States (actually I usually work them... It's an addiction lol), and one of the highlights at any con is coming across particular cosplays that just make my day LIGHT up! So since my 2016 convention season has ALREADY started, I am thinking of linking here in the forum the pictures I take from them. It's my hope these photos will inspire some of you with your own projects. ❤
(also I'm a super fashion/History nerd, and if I get to show off my own stuff and/or talk textiles, I'm in heaven~ lol here's the kimono pics I promised y'all!)

AnachroCon 2016
A convention that caters to steampunk, historical reenactments, science/fiction, and anything considered out of place in the current timeline (also known as 'Anachronistic').

This weapon's expert has a energized gatling blaster at his hip, and a steam-saber!

Witch Doctor and I. His staff is bone-afied bull scrote btw. I know. I touched it before I remembered that bull balls were popular staffs back in the day... X___x

My Gentleman Thief outfit (my legit lockpicking set is currently wrapped on my hip, getting rusty because silly laws won't let me take it out for fun </3) with real fur and leather and Gunne Sax brand dress (I feel like my passion for fashion is gonna fall on uninterested eyes ^_^;;; .... )

This Engineer has a a shoulder-mounted work station for easy repairs.

Dalek and I.

Steam-powered armour, no specific cosplay. (He looks like like Steam-powered Winter Soldier to me) His back as a spinning fan.

Myself working at con as vendor's Cupcake Hostess, captured in my pastel western outfit.

It's a Dulcimer! This is Jig to a Milestone' Victoria's gorgeous instrument.

Captain Nemo's underwater backpack (it has a lit moving contraption inside!)

Houmongi kimono with nagoya obi in bunko musubi (it only took 30 minutes for me to tie it my first time haha!)

>When you fall overboard and your captain sails off without you.

There's more but these are the ones I definitely wanted to share! If you want to see more, the links below will take you to the photo albums!

Link to full photo album:
My buddy's photos of the weekend, with far better quality photos (my ugly mug is in there a few times, but you have to find them yourself...

And my kimono album from that con because I'm a kimono nerd, and I promised Monte pics, but I'm too shy to spam them here with the rest lol! :D Gathered these from some of the kind photographers I met that weekend.

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Re: Lethe Cosplay Spotlight: AnachroCon 2016
« Reply #1 on: March 21, 2016, 09:36:21 pm »
That looks like so much fun! I especially like your Gentlelady Thief outfit! And I think I'm going require my engineers to take the shoulder mounted repair station from here on out!