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Progression System for Classes
« on: January 01, 2017, 06:56:00 am »
Hello there everyone,
   I'm an old time GoIO player,  Started back in 2013-ish.
I've seen lots of things come and go, as well as players.   One common issue that comes up is New uninformed players join the game (who dont understand it) get thrown into a pilot seat, or gunner seat and things don't go so well for your team or captain because of it.

Now,  this idea isn't exactly detailed to any extent but It's definitely an idea.

How about a Progression system?


Level 1-5,  you can ONLY be an Engineer.
After Level 5 Engineer (Gunner Unlocked)
After Level 5 Gunner  (Pilot Unlocked)

The idea behind this is when a player joins I believe they should learn the very basics,  and that starts with keeping the ship alive,  after such,  you move onto learning the guns ( as well as multi-tasking between the guns and repairs),  then after you have finally learnt how the entire ship works then you can move onto running your own and becoming a pilot.    It's very frustrating for a Level 1 - freshly spawned played to take over a ship and to not understand that running into other players causes a lot of damage, or that there are arcs/physics involved into firing a gun which require a pilot to adjust his/her angles appropriately.
I think that if every player starts with the basics and works their way up that there would be much better game play as well as communication/understanding between players about what is required of them when they are on the battlefield.

This is the basics of the idea -  take what you will of it and use it as your own,  The idea can branch out into skills as well,  maybe some skills could be created and players can choose one based on if they have unlocked it in their class's 'skill tree' of some sort.  Who knows.   Guns of Icarus has huge potential,  what you guys make of it is essentially up to you.
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Re: Progression System for Classes
« Reply #1 on: January 01, 2017, 11:45:10 am »
I love this idea, but...,7190.0.html

This also limits novices in the actual novice matches to learn from other novices.  That can end well.  Rather, since we have ai novice deathmatches, why don't we make the novice game mode mandatory until they have reached level 7 in 2 classes.

Also, if you have a skill, that's going to make it even worse for novices to compete. Against an even moderately levelled crew because now not only is skill tipped in their favour, but also actual buffs are added in.