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Misc ideas
« on: February 28, 2016, 12:57:58 am »
- Increasing the range and cloud penetration of the flare so it can travel further and goes into clouds such that its illumination reaches only back to the side it entered from and not much further. Hopefully reducing the frequency of 10 minute scenic tours.

- Allowing piercing weapon shots to continue a moderate distance after hitting balloon components, pretty much aimed at the mobula to allow gatling, Minotaur or mercury shots to potentially pass through the balloon and hit hull components in the corridors etc from the right angles.

- Making the flamethrower more effective but harder to use by making it more of a jet of fire than a conical spray. Reduced spread, increased range, slower particles, projectile drop instead of lift and moderately greater direct damage. If even possible to implement it could have an arming time where inside arming it has almost 0 spread, no ignition chance and projectile drop, outside arming has increased spread, an ignition chance and projectile lift.