Author Topic: Photos for the Guns of Icarus Wiki !  (Read 6077 times)

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Photos for the Guns of Icarus Wiki !
« on: December 17, 2015, 04:08:59 am »
Hello Fellow friends..I don't know if this the right thread for this .. but I have started writing so nevermind! :) I have try & buff up the GoI Wiki with photos & Pictures after ayetach made this thread

(Link to thread here:,7124.msg121796.html#msg121796)

I have posted some photos of the most of the Ships,  Concept art , Maps , & Costumes that you can unlock. I'm glad that I can help out GOI as shamefully I have not play it recently !! (Too many game but not enough time!: If they we had 36 hour day however.....) .. But I need your help.. If any of you have any pictures that you want to put up to the wiki . Posted them on there & will download them to post up to the wiki. Or if you want (or if you have already got a wiki account) you can do all by yourself ! :) (I not the wiki's chief photo-uploader !! haha)

When I first start playing GoI The wiki really help me out .. so I want to help the wiki (& the community)  out! Thanks for reading this Ramble/Important Topic/more rambling! & I look forward to seeing all these photos !

Love you all & See you in the Skies x

PS: A big thanks to Lueosi !! Who link up the photos (I only know how to upload them & post them  at the moment! :) )