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Ship design concept: Aircraft Carrier
« on: September 06, 2015, 11:42:08 pm »
Somebody thought that an Aircraft Carrier ship would be a cool idea for the game and so I thought about how it might work

Okay, I'm not sure if this is the proper place to put this (Since adding a ship like this would radically change the mechanics of the game)
but since I've posted shenanigans here before...

I'll separate my idea of ship designs into two parts (the Carrier, and the Aircraft)

The Carrier

My idea was to have a ship that is a tank, slow as hell (but enough top speed to be able to capture a point in crazy king), able to kill a ship on it's own, and able to run with only 3 crew members.

The ship would start with a broken component and the engineer would have to rebuild it in order to "Make" the aircraft. I would want the component to take a relatively long time to rebuild (I'm talking 1.5 the time of a Galleon hull rebuild).
{There would be lore about when the carrier is taken into zones and maps, the aircraft would be too fragile and so would be disassembled and built in combat}

Now that all the tough stuff is out of the way, here is the descriptions

Ship design
---I would have three decks one at the top for the aircraft construction component and runway, the other in the middle for the guns, balloon, engines, and hull components, and the last one at the very bottom for the piloting compartment.
---Piloting cockpit be at the bottom so that the only blind spot would be at the top (Sort of like a blimp) and it would allow a lot of situational awareness for the pilot as it would have to coordinate with the Aircraft (Would be horrifying if you have Vertigo).
---Balloon exposure I was thinking of having at the sides of the top deck (flight deck) so that it wouldn't get in the way of the runway. Also make the engines under the balloons to make them at least a little harder to hit (Since you're gonna need the turning accel).

Component Design
---On the main deck, I would want to have all the components cramped together in order to make it easier to engineer on since you would have to work with a 3 man crew.
---In terms of guns, I was thinking having a heavy gun and light gun on each side. You would have a goldfish Difecta since it is certainly reasonable at killing ships. Would also allow sniping potential with lumberjack and Hades for long range artillery assist.

Further Aircraft & Carrier descriptions
---In order to build or construct the aircraft, the engineers would have to run up to the top flight deck and rebuild the broken component. In this time, the component would be exposed from enemy fire and you run the risk of the aircraft getting damaged or destroyed before it has taken off.
---You could only fit only one aircraft on the runway and so you could have another aircraft as backup (You however run the risk of it being destroyed and so it might only be a valid strategy if you plan to hide your carrier and provide artillery fire.)
---When the Carrier dies, the plane also dies.
---Only one Aircraft able to be in the air so that there will be no Everyone jumping on an Aircraft and leaving the Carrier in the invisible no clip zone of nothingness.

---Mobility I was thinking in only rough comparisons of Spire top speed, Galleon turning acceleration, Junker vertical acceleration, and Mobula forward acceleration.

The Aircraft

My idea was to have a ship that can be run with only one crew member, Easily repairable and easy to shoot by one crew member, very fast but extremely fragile, only one light gun spot, and work a bit like a flight simulator plane.

Prepare for lots of bad explanations
---In terms entering and leaving the craft, I was thinking you enter and exit the craft much like being locked into a gun or the wheel.

Flight Mechanic
---Work like flight simulator plane so no reverse throttle (Only stop to forward gears).
---I wanted to get rid of the balloon component since it would work like a plane (I know it would make three piloting tools ineffective but I think it's okay considering we still have the Rangefinder :D).
---When you put the throttle at stop, the aircraft will start to drop due to gravity and so gun choices will be determined by how you fly.
---If you make the gun slot a gun with a large clip like a Gatling gun or a flamethrower, you will have to position the ship where it will fall or look up in order to have enough time to empty the clip without turning.
---If you bring a gun with a small clip such as a mercury or mine launcher, you will have to get one shot off and then re-position yourself for another shot.

Component design
---There would be only 4 components and they would be two engines, a gun, and hull (Everything would be in the cockpit).
---In terms of components I wanted everything to be close together (Basically if you are claustrophobic you are sh*t out of luck)
---When you get off the wheel and look up, you will be able to access/ repair the gun
---When you get off the wheel and look behind you, you will see a hull component and two engines either side of them.
---When you get off the wheel and look left you will see the hatch to leave the ship
---Windows would be in the Front and to your Right, in order to add to situational awareness for the aircraft pilot.

Take off
---You would only be able to leave the aircraft when the plane is on the runway. While in the plane, there would be a hatch that if you look at and press E you leave the Aircraft.
---Turning would be disabled on the runway and if you take off without enough momentum, you would have to gain it while in the air before you crash and respawn at the Carrier.
---You would not be able to land and so will have to keep circling in the air.

Tool mechanics
---Three Tar clicks would break the engines
---Pilots might bring a Spyglass for extra scouting capabilities
---No Chute Vent/ Hydro since no balloon and no Drogue Chute because you would end up looking down and falling really slowly but you would still be able to bring these.
---Could be a Buff engineer that uses the components buffed and has uses for fire fighting if you plan to make the ship less disposable.
---Gunner would be pretty useless, even for a mine launcher since you would never stay at a distance for long enough to get another round off.

I don't want Muse to implement this since they literally do not have the man power but I thought it would be a good thought experiment. What do you guys think?

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Re: Ship design concept: Aircraft Carrier
« Reply #1 on: October 04, 2015, 03:59:55 pm »
given how hard it might be to even hit somethign moving as fast as im imagining the airplane must fly, i was thinking that all damage to the thing might not be able to be repaired, you just fly it till it falls apart on you. you can set up the airplanes up in advance in the loadout screen, and if they shoot out the gun but dont kill you, you should go buy lottery tickets! i was imagining the mechanic working more like a heavy gun, it would be a airplane launcher, it just hurled you into space, and you have to pick up speed as you fall enough to fly. there woudl be launchers of various kinds, as there are various airplanes designed already to come in alliance mode. so as i imagined it, youd have a ship with a heavy weapon loadout option, like a galleon for example, and just stick one of these launchers on it, and away we go! i like the idea of having a real feasable reason to take ANYTHING but the spyglass as a gunner or engineer, so id hope that the piloting tools would be useful. i was thinking that in terms of gameplay, the wheel wouldn't turn the ship exactly, but tip the ship, so you could do barrel rolls and the like, i think it woudl also allow you to take really tight corners and stuff.
the weapons and handling, i think it might be cool that the weapons were unique to each airplane chassis, i think there's a Gatling one, a bomber and an incendiary bomber as i recall. that sounds so very awesome. balance woudl be SOOO hard, the guns arent really designed to hit something that small and fast, and even though you cant just camp a pyramidion's blindspot because you cant stop moving, it might still be wayy overpowered to be able to bring 2 heavy weapons to bear and a light weapon and a airplane to boot... (im assuming the gunner is cycling his hwachas or whatever guns he has downstairs)