Author Topic: Aerodrome: TMW Week 3 Rival Contracts (Red Spawn)  (Read 2124 times)

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Aerodrome: TMW Week 3 Rival Contracts (Red Spawn)
« on: July 29, 2015, 07:42:49 pm »

Alright Rivals, your turn to select your matches for this weekend. We'll do this the same way we did it for prior weeks and keep the less filled matches in the list and just merc them out. If there is a match that doesn't get filled, I think we will run a Brickamania Battle Royal match like we did last time. Harpoons and mines is a tantalizing idea.

There will be weekly prizes so be sure to keep track of your teammate names in case you win. However for this signup, all I need is your company name and CEO. Early Reg folks just need to enter their match selection. Example from the early registration thread:

Company: Zukasauce Inc
Mission Statement: "To spread Zuka's love through all the world via his sauce."
Base of Operations: Starostrog, Guild
Logo (Optional): <Artistic Zuka Sultry Grin image>
CEO: Zuka
Steam ID, In game Name: Zuka2016, Zukamania

If you registered on week 1 or pre-reg, you don't need to list all this. Now because this is the official signup week. I need you to add one more bit of vital information...your match choice.

So reply with:

Contract Requested: <Insert map name here>

Then also if you could state if you are willing to mercenary for other matches, that would help a lot too. Basically means your official match counts but the others will be bonus battles to help fill matches. So "Willing to Merc: Yes/No"

Alright, thats it. Again, there is no long term commitment with this event. Take contracts as often or as seldom as you like. Twitch streaming info will be posted later, mumble info and passwords will be sent out via pm to new teams.

Remember, all point payouts are split between ships on your team.

Week Three Rival Contracts:

Contract 1: One Man's Propaganda...
Map: Canyon Ambush
Cargo: Propaganda
Payout: 300

Is another man's toilet paper. But who are we to judge? Money to be made and we don't really care how it is done. Just that our rivals take a loss on this deal.

Get on into those canyons and cut off that convoy before it reaches Tiesha.

Contract 2: Guns For Peace
Map: Fight Over Firnfeld
Cargo: Guns
Payout: 300

This one has a higher risk factor with the local gangs of Firnfeld starting to flex their muscles. Word is there is a contract open to run some guns up from Faberia to Qinqaachi. Despite the risk, it is a lucrative deal. One which is too good to pass up.

If the local gangs interfere then RTB, otherwise, go get us that contract!

Contract 3: Nobility's Heart
Map: Fjords
Cargo: Food Stuffs
Payout: 300

This deal we've intercepted is a big one. With parts of the Baronies turning into powder kegs, a Baron from Ettingscove is trying to help defuse them. We'll have to deal with a local shipping company called Ettings Shipping for delivery. These guys are small time  but with how things are looking, if this Baron succeeds, Ettingscove could become a more vital province for the kingdom. Us being apart of this will eventually pay off.

Get on our there and intercept our rivals so they can't profit from this!

Contract 4: Mine in doubt!
Map: Dunes
Cargo: Mines
Payout: 300

So the local tribes are all in a fuss over sabotaging the pumps in Nalm. I don't foresee this escalating into a full blown war, but they are ordering in mines to help protect the city. The contract has been picked up by our rivals.

Just be careful what you shoot at.

Contract 5: Oily Branch of Peace
Map: Water Hazard
Cargo: Oil
Payout: 300

So these deals to help out the settlements in the teeth are bearing fruit. Seems like the contract we intercepted details new relations between Blackcliff and the settlers.

The contract is for oil, which is surprising given the state of the Baronies. Well doesn't matter really how or why this is happening. Just that our rivals are seeing opportunity and we need to put a stop to them. Get on out there and intercept that black gold!

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Re: Aerodrome: TMW Week 3 Rival Contracts (Red Spawn)
« Reply #1 on: July 30, 2015, 06:12:15 pm »
Company: Museosaurus
Mission Statement: "Winning every battle since... never."
Base of Operations: Paritan Ruins

CEO: Keyvias
Steam ID, In game Name:
Contract Requested: Contract 3: Nobility's Heart
Willing to Merc: No
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Re: Aerodrome: TMW Week 3 Rival Contracts (Red Spawn)
« Reply #2 on: July 30, 2015, 10:43:07 pm »

Company: Rydr Moving Company
Mission Statement: Even Better
Base of Operations: The Highways of Anglea and Beyond
Logo coming soon
CEO: Mysterious Medic
IGN: Mysterious Medic
Contract Requested: Contract 5- Water Hazard
Willing to Merc: Yes

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Re: Aerodrome: TMW Week 3 Rival Contracts (Red Spawn)
« Reply #3 on: July 31, 2015, 03:44:13 pm »
Team Predators requesting Contract 5: Oily Branch of Peace

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Re: Aerodrome: TMW Week 3 Rival Contracts (Red Spawn)
« Reply #4 on: July 31, 2015, 08:14:37 pm »
Company: The Bard's Trade Union
Mission Statement: "Clouds are our best friend, They help us hide when we smuggle shit!"

CEO: Slicedanddiced
Steam ID:
Base of Operations: The Red Canyons
Contract Requested: Contract 4
We are willing to be mercs
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