Author Topic: Learning to Pilot  (Read 16799 times)

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Re: Learning to Pilot
« Reply #15 on: June 19, 2016, 10:43:10 am »
I practice like that in practice mode, never in the game with people and such!
I just said that some things you need to learn via playing with real players, so you cant really get pro with just practice mode...
Sorry if I phrased my post in a bad way i didnt want to hint on THAT. O.O

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Re: Learning to Pilot
« Reply #16 on: June 20, 2016, 09:47:42 am »
My quick tips for new pilots would be.

1. Play around as a gunner and engineer first. Knowing a bit more about the arks of guns and the time how long things take to be repaired become usefull later on. You don't have to learn them on the milisecond you will have a general feeling about things.

2. Use the novice matches as much as you can, they are there for a reason. You can also play in not-novice matches but when you play with the big boys, expect to be treated like a big boy. (you are warned).

3. Use your microphone. Because typing takes too long.

4. If you aren't talking toxic stuff and things related to that and continue to inspire your crew. They will follow your orders more. Always encourage, never run someone in to the ground just because he/she made a mistake.

5. Always keep an eye out. You want to stay on top of your surroundings. Press M and set your PoV to something you like. (You can do this in your visual settings. Mine is max).

6. Do not seperate from your ally. Strength in numbers. Kamikaze runs are only for the simple minded and you don't make anyone happy with it.

7. Listen to people if they give you advise. Sometimes it sounds like they curse at you, but we've all been there. Just don't take everything too seriously but don't ignore what people say.

8. Never try to make a list of specific tactis. Try and make a generic list of executable ways to approach the enemy in order to take them down as fast as possible.

9. Know when to bail. If your ally is dead, you don't have any use by sticking around 2 enemy ships on full health. If in any case one of them is very low and going to die within 5 seconds, kill it and retreat with your front facing the enemy. Never show your ass to the enemy otherwise you'll end up like william wallace in braveheart having arrows in your ass.