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Re: Uncharted Skies
« Reply #885 on: June 22, 2016, 11:05:00 am »
Hangar Bay

"And here we are gentlemen, sign up and your good to go."

"Alister, what happened here?"

It was the old gunner, a grim look on his face he continues,

"There aren't as many vessels as you said, and one of them has a wrecked helm.  I'm seeing a crew run ragged, and enough firepower to start a siege.  Lad, it looks like your going to war with one big ship."

"Gus, I'm not at liberty to discuss this.  But if I was going to war, I wouldn't mind having you covering me."

Gus gives a small smile and gets back in line, eyeing over the Shadow's crew.

Turning around, Alister heads to the galley for an early lunch.


Walking in, and seeing the twins trying to both grovel and drink coffee, was not what he was expecting.

"James. John. What are you doing?"

"She's working us to death!"

"If you can summon enough energy to grovel like that, your not dying. Now, finish your coffee and grab some food.  I'll do the same and then I'll poach you two to help me run some repairs on the Kibeth ."


"He's not as cruel a taskmaster in dock,"


"We'll go."

The twins start to finish up, seeing the lifeline Alister is throwing at them, meanwhile Alister manages to poach a chicken leg and a apple from the cooks and begins to eat.

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Re: Uncharted Skies
« Reply #886 on: June 22, 2016, 03:24:21 pm »
--Somewhere, Gura Lupulul--

“Why didn't we just take a ship? We could've been half way to Vyshtorg by now...” Davis sighed as he leaned against the alley wall.

“Davis please shut up,” She peered around the corner, “I think we've lost him, come one lets go.” She motioned for him to follow as she exited the alley way.

“Yeah, lost the psychopaths in the endless tide of people,” he adjusted the strap on his rifle as he followed suit, “So, what do we do? He's gonna keep searching for us and I'd rather he not get the drop on us.”

“I don't know.” Kei scanned the crowd of people, hoping to spot something, finding nothing she turned to find Davis staring off into the distance. “Davis?”

Her companion pointed to a row of buildings further down the street, “Weapon shop, I have an idea.”

He pushed through the crowd, halting for nothing as Kei followed in his wake, apologizing for her wayward companion as she passed. Eventually the pair made it, opening the door to the space within, most of the merchandise held behind glass cases or held on racks behind the counter. The man at the counter looked up from his book, revealing a scraggly beard as he appraised them.

“Need something.” It most certainly not a question.

Kei sighed, Davis had gotten enthralled by some of the items for sale that he had forgotten why he'd brought them here. She elbowed him in the side, grabbing his attention from the wares.

“Huh?” He blinked, confused before remembering what he was doing, “Oh, right.”

He made his way to the counter as he unslung his rifle, setting it on the counter before him, “You wouldn't happen to have anything for this would you?”

The store manager reached out for rifle, cycling the bolt to peer into the chamber before setting it down. “I can sell you a box for 50 and throw in a package of strip clips for 5.”

“Done.” The two men shook hands as Kei joined him at the counter.

“Well, are you gonna tell me what this plan of yours is?”

“Yeah,” Davis turned to her as he pulled the requisite crowns from a hidden pocket in his coat, “what do you think about being bait?”

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

“Shit, where'd they go?” He'd followed them as far as he could through the city, but they'd gotten a head start on him and quickly managed to loose him in the crowd and he was pissed. He looked around the street and grunted when he couldn't find anything.

He'd been wandering aimlessly for the past hour hoping to find some sign of them with no luck. It was either kill them or bring them back, and truthfully, he was feeling right vindictive about the trouble they'd made him go through.

They wouldn't get away, he'd make sure of that.

Of course the prospects of him actually finding them continued to fall as he wandered through the streets, no one gave him a second glance, armed mercenaries weren't uncommon after all. His irritation grew as he crossed into a quieter part of town, Eh, no way they'd hide here. Or at least that was his thought until he saw someone dive into an alley.

He unslung the rifle on his back as he drew closer,“Heh, gotcha.”

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Kei turned into the alley, certain their pursuer was making a beeline for their position, Davis was at the other end, finishing his task of stacking crates for cover as she came up beside him. “He's here.”

Davis nodded and picked his weapon off the ground and nodded, situating himself behind them as Kei fell in beside him. Eyes on the wooden platform above the alley.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

He rounded the corner into the alley, rifle gripped tightly in his hands as he scanned the space before him, the alley extended deep behind the row of buildings, plenty of things to hide behind, crates, old vehicles, dumpsters, barrels. He checked behind everything as he passed him, they wouldn't get in behind him if he had anything to say.

He checked the myriad of doors lining the alley, most of them padlocked to prevent unwanted visitors, others rusted, unmoved for quite some time. He creeped deeper into the alley, into the shade of an errant cargo platform.

A single gunshot filled the alley followed by the sound of rope as it sheared. Above him the wooden platform buckled, dumping the barrels and crates it held onto him, he dove away but a glancing blow by a rolling barrel loosed his grip on the rifle, the weapon clattering away from him as he fell.

Footsteps echoed as he tried to right himself, a kick to the head sent him sprawling against the nearest wall. A hand held against his skull as it throbbed in pain.

“Hands behind your head.” He spared a glance, the barrel of a rifle bearing down on him. Shit… The other escaped prisoner stood several feet in front of him, at this range he wouldn't be able to quickly tackle him before he got another shot off, and at this distance he was sure to hit.

He complied, slowly placing his hands behind his head, he knew how these things went.

“On the ground, now.” He didn't point with his rifle, instead motioning with his eyes, again he complied, kneeling to the ground, watching as the former prisoner slowly circled around to stand behind him.

“Sidearm, throw to the belt to the side.” He slowly reached down the right side, clicking the buckle he pulled it off and tossed it further into the alley.

“Kei! Grab his weapons.” The other prisoner appeared from behind a pile of crates and quickly crossed the distance, picking up both his rifle and the discarded pistol holster. She circled around him, probably to stand next to her cohort.

“What now?” He asked.

“Oh, very simple.” Things were silent for just a second, What is he-

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

“Oh, very simple.” Kei watched as Davis faltered for just a second but continued to hold his rifle level at the raider's head, What is he-

The rifle barked once and the Raider slumped, dead before his body hit the ground. Davis stood there for a moment, staring at the body that lay in the expanding pool of it's own blood grim faced, rifle gripped tightly in his hands.

He breathed, letting the tension left unnoticed in his chest fall. Relaxing his grip on the rifle he slung it on his back as Kei continued to watch him.

“Lets… lets just find a radio station.”

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Re: Uncharted Skies
« Reply #887 on: July 05, 2016, 04:49:03 pm »
--Eagle's Shadow, Frey Quarters

0000, Day 6--

Leaning on the door's entrance, Courage, with tired eyes, watches as Frey shifts through the manifest he was given. In the corner the Baron's radio is on playing classical music from his homeland.

"So Master Fyodor just simply gave us a whole new squadron of planes?" with a hit of surprise in his voice.

Yawning, Courage covers it with a hand, "Well after various checks with the Aircraft Mechanic, she passed the Chaladon build and he approved the whole shipment and even oversaw the delivery."

"That's some good news. You should get some rest, if you haven't notice I gave the crew today off. We'll be departing in the next 24 hours though."

"It did seem quiet here. Well I'm off then, today has been long." with a two finger salute, Courage leaves the room as Frey over looks the papers again.

--Fyodor Hall--

"I hope this mission you help sponsor will pay off, I already paid to have a squadron of Spitfires be delivered to their ship." in his radio room, Fyodor is rubbing his forehead stressed out.

"Don't worry, the Captain Frey is on that voyage, shoud be fine. Besides we need that stain out of our history, any help that we can provide is priority." a female voices comes through.

"Still don't know why you are there and not me. Aren't I the most qualified and have our Factions best interests?"

"And that is why you should be there still. After the Yeshean Incident, the public needs someone to trust to look after them. I'm just the next qualified and available to be here in Cathedral."

"If you say so Councilwoman. Ugh it doesn't even suit you."

"Come on Uncle, dont be like that." laughs Alishia.

Sighing, "Does even your father know about this? Robért is a tough man to negotiate at times."

"Oh no, oh no, he doesn't not know at all, and he shouldn't. If he found out I gave access for a Baron military vessel this deep within our borders, he will go mad."

"Still distrust them. I can see that. If that is all, just keep me updated."

"Will do Uncle."

Hanging the receiver, letting out another sigh, Fyodor looks to the table next to him and pours a shot of rum that was there ealier.

--Eagle's Shadow, Weather Deck


"That's a little low." says Courage though a scope.

"How was that low! It is dead center!" cries Theodore.

In the early dawn, Courage, Theodore, and several others are topside with a makeshift range set up. Using Courage's Defenders Pistol and revolver, several of the onlookers snicker at the younger man's dilemma.

"Just because you used to be an Anvalan Guardsmen, doesn't mean you all godly and accurate. That last shot is dead on I'm the center."

With a smirk, Courage takes the revolver from him, "How about a bet, if I can make a center shot, you are buying my lunch."

"And if you don't, then you pay."

"Deal." he agrees with a hand extended.

Shaking it, Theodore looks him in the eye, "You know, I feels like steak."

Smiling and without breaking eye contact, Courage lifts up the revolver and fire a single shot.

"Steak is fine, and I believe you are paying."

Confused, Theodore and another rush over to the target and an audible groan is heard.

"It is just 1 mm under my shot...."

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Re: Uncharted Skies
« Reply #888 on: July 05, 2016, 05:29:14 pm »
Security guard's report from dock 21 B.

I was doing my rounds as usual. It was about 2:10, 2:15, somewhere in there. I saw a man in a long coat, and a cap. He looked like an airman for sure. I started toward him I planned to get him for suspicious loitering and trespassing. Then I was hit on the side of my head. I fell and reached for my pistol. I couldn't see the face of the gal who had hit me, but I heard her voice because she said don't shoot. I realise now that that saved my life it wasn't intended for me but the man in the long coat. With one arm she pinned my pistol with the other she forced a liquid down my throat.
Notes: The ship at that dock was a type B pyramidion bound for Yesha. It was searched and nothing out of the ordinary was found save a spy glass found in the kitchen, which was later lost.

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Re: Uncharted Skies
« Reply #889 on: July 05, 2016, 05:48:11 pm »
Some dark alley.

"Damit, they will recognize the red herring as exactly that. They will still cover there bases but still. They have the man power, and on top of that they know I am here." Pauses. "I should have killed him." A man's voice.

"Alexander." A woman's voice.

"What, it's bad." Alexander.

"Not as stupid as your 'uncharted skys ' idea of an escape. You could have the law looking for you too." A women's voice.

There's no choice now, and that should let us get away clean. You will need to stow away, there is no time to arrange a job." Alexander.

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Re: Uncharted Skies
« Reply #890 on: October 16, 2016, 10:57:49 pm »
In the cargo hold of The Eagle's Shadow

One of the barrels gave a slight wobble. A muffled "the hell?!" sounded from within.

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Re: Uncharted Skies
« Reply #891 on: March 05, 2017, 08:19:15 pm »
Day 7

Frey's Quaters

All is quiet on the Eagle's Shadow as the crew enjoy their last day of leave in the Mecantile capital. That is until a pair of boots running through the empty halls ringing through the silence. Paper in hand, Charles takes a deep breath before knocking.

"Enter." came the muffled reply. "Ah, Mr. Banning what a surprise," starts Frey from his papers, "Thought you would be out with the rest of the Comm officers?"

Without a word, Chales walks toward the Baron and lifts the piece of paper for him to see. Puzzled, Frey takes it and reads the message.

"Recall the crew," Frey orders, "I want us in the air in the next three hours."

Nodding, Charles rushes out the office towards the Bridge.

Day 11

Eagle's Shadow, Location Unknown, South of Guild Border's

After receiving their message and leaving port promptly, a day after and both downed pilots are rescued after flying through Gura Lupulul. The next two days left Kei and Davis under medical supervision and a debrief with Frey. During the time, Frey announced the true intention of the mission to them and the rest of the crew. Now all hands are aware of the hunt to snuff out the remaining Birdman resistance with Briggs being the main target.

Weather Deck

Staring out in the vast unknown, Courage sits on several crates with his rifle by his side. Coming and sitting besides him Lorena stares out as well.

"So secret is out and we have all of this to comb through to find them. What a mission huh?" turning her head towards him

Without breaking his gaze, "After all the things they done, I hope we find them."

Birdcage, Location Unknown

After landing the stolen Goldfish within their secret hideout hidden amongst the ruins of an ancient city resting on top of a mountain. Jasper departs and is quickly escorted deep within the facility. Outside a pair of giant doors, they open to reveal a desk and chair behind a wall of numerous screens.

Walking and stopping right before the chair, Jasper looks up and notices that the screens showed different parts of the city. A cough is heard bring him back to the chair, "Apologise, but it looks like Frey and his band are now aware of our last location."

In a cool female voice, "Well, we should welcome they when they come. It would be rude of us not too."

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Re: Uncharted Skies
« Reply #892 on: March 11, 2017, 07:21:30 pm »
Carn's Quarters

While performing routine maintenance on his equipment, Alister allows his mind to wander.

So, we are over the edge of the map and are flying to fight monsters.  It's like some old story.

Suddenly the twins barge into Carn's room.


"The crew,"

"Is getting,"


Sighing softly, Alister quickly finishes then quickly runs a comb through his hair.

"Tell the men to meet me in the hangar bay.  Keep everyone off the bay doors, I'll speak to them."

Nervously looking at each other, the twins run off to gather the disgruntled crew members.

Alister finishes his attempts to make himself look more presentable, and grabs his weapons belt with his pistol and axe.

Can't say I blame them, they had no idea what they really signed up for.

Hangar Bay

The twins have successfully gathered the troublesome crew members into the hangar bay.  Standing to one side they assure the crew that Alister will explain things.

Entering, Alister is bombarded by shouted questions.  Ignoring them all, he quickly climbs up the catwalk, the twins at the bottom detering any followers.  After reaching a halfway point, Alister unhooks his axe and begins clanging the flat of the blade onto the metal handrail until the crew is silent.

"Men and women of the Eagle's Shadow, I know you have questions and concerns about our mission."

A grumbling assent can be heard from the crowd.

"I believe I have a satisfactory answer to your questions.  We are mercenaries.  We are paid to kill and be killed.  What does it matter if our enemy is human or not? We go to kill monsters, to win fame, glory, and loot.  But if any of you would like to leave, you are welcome to."

Alister smashes a button on the wall which opens the bay doors.

"Sadly we cannot afford to set you down, nor can we offer you a parachute.  We are miles south of all charted skies, if you survive the fall you will have to walk back to Guild territory.  You'd be easy targets for raiders and sky knows what else, any takers?"

The crowd looks at the opening ​in the floor and all step back.

"Good," Alister hits the button again to close the door, "We go to war.  The odds are good that the enemy will strike at us in the future, so we may as well hit them first.  Are you satisfied?"

After a few moments the crowd shouts out their affirmative.

"Good, keep your equipment in good condition, keep training.  As the information begins to flow, I'll see about trying to disperse more information on our enemies.  Dismissed."

Med Bay

Having taken the samples of Carn's blood back to the med bay, she continues to examine them periodically while tending to the crew.

The strain on his heart and lungs is enormous, yet it seems to have some compound to relieve them as well.  However created this was amazing, but why?  How did they plan to use this in the end?

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Re: Uncharted Skies
« Reply #893 on: March 13, 2017, 02:25:02 pm »
--Weather Deck--

"Well, it's not exactly the worst of plans." Lorena said, shrugging despite it all.

"Still," She continued, "we're going to beat their faces in one way or another." Her forehead creasing in thought at her own statement.

"Well, that's the idea at least."

--Hanger Break Room--

"And that's yours, again..." Davis shook his head as the cards stared up at him, the sound of Kei sweeping the paltry change to her side of the table accompanying his disbelief, "Why do I keep playing you?"

"Because you're bored with nothing to do?" She raised an eyebrow at him as she shuffled and dealt the next hand.

"Right," Davis sighed as he checked his new cards, "so, since we're in it for the long haul how much do you want to bet that this entire fiasco isn't going to work?"

"I don't take a fool's bet." Her blunt response getting a chuckle out of him.

"Yeah I suppose you're right," Davis replied, nodding at her response, "kind of miffed they tried to kidnap us though, looking forward to dealing with them."

"'Kind of miffed' he says," She rolled her eyes at his choice of words, "and if they had actually experimented on us?"

"Well," He said, face scrunched up in fake contemplation, "maybe a bit annoyed."

The two of them shared a quiet laugh before a comfortable silence settled between them, only broken by the sound of shuffling cards and sliding coins. Davis leaned back in his chair as he lost the 9th hand, quietly content as Kei dealt the next hand. Antonio and Farris would be back soon from their flight, and it would be his turn to take to the skies.