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Re: Uncharted Skies
« Reply #855 on: May 06, 2016, 06:59:46 pm »
--Engineering, Eagle's Shadow--

What is this feeling...

Lorena felt something nagging at the back of her mind, it was akin to that of hatred, hatred of her father when he decided to do something stupid that more than likely involved the use of her engines. She shook her head and turned to address the airship crew now in her employ, hoping that the feeling was nothing and someone was not planning something stupid.

"Right! Follow my commands to the letter and lets get this done. You two!" She pointed to Jim and Peak "Check the drive shafts and belts for the number 1 engine, and you" she pointed to both Ulric and Arnold, "Check the fuel lines to both engines, we'll circle about to the rest once we're done here!"

Crowe was glad she was around, though she'll probably crash once they were done here, still, competence was enforced through shear force of will and he wouldn't have to deal with the swabbies who were too scared to touch anything important. Still, there was another thing. He looked at the twins standing bewildered in the middle of engineering.

"Are you two alright?"

--Bridge, Eagle's Shadow--

Reagan didn't know whether to be impressed or annoyed at the man giving orders on her bridge.

"The title is Captain, still-" she tipped the brim of her cap, "you're not wrong. Helm!" The young helm officer who until now had been standing off to the side jumped in surprise, Reagan patted the ship's wheel for them to take. "Mr. Allen tell engineering to rig for flank speed and tell the hanger bay to prepare my craft for launch."

She took a moment to look out into the storm, "Like hell we're letting them get away with this."

She turned and began making her way down to the hanger.

--Deserts of Kharak,Dune,Tatooine The Storm Coast--

Davis held onto his rifle as he hit the sand. It wasn't exactly pleasent but at least stand nominally shifted upon impact. He let his parachute drop to the sand before detaching himself from the mass of cloth. Kei came down moments later, landing with trained precision befitting an army pilot. The two of them shook out as much sand as they could before stuffing them back into their packs before eventually sitting together in the sand.

"So..." Davis turned to his fellow downed pilot, "doing alright?"

"Yes, I'm fine. A few scratches but nothing serious."

He nodded, "Ah, good." There was a pause, "Don't suppose you have any food?"


"Damn." There was another pause, "Think they're going to be long."


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Re: Uncharted Skies
« Reply #856 on: May 10, 2016, 08:31:11 pm »
Weather Deck

The gun crew stands idle as they wait for the order to recommence firing. Looking through his scope, Courage feels the transport jerk alone with everyone else. Behind them, the engines spin to life as they slowly gain momentum.

Towards the bow, he notices the ship is changing direction and heads towards the raging storm.

"Ah flak, all hands don sand gear," he yells out, "We are going in."

Following the order, the team heads toward the Observation Deck to retrieve the equipment when the Shadow gives a slight jerk. Overcoming the sounds of the engines, a loud roar is heard as Regan's rocket craft races towards the storm.


Following her orders, Ulric's team split up to their respective positions. On the starboard section of the massive Engineering space, Peak and Jim finds themselves in shaft alley for the No. 1 engine.

Peak Whistling, "Bigger than a Junker's engine."

"Yup," Jim answers with the same stunned expression.

A bit forward of the first pair, Ulric and Arnold quickly finds the cross connected tanks for the engines.

"Don't think we are going to run out any time soon." Ulric observing the nearly full tanks.

"Nope, come on, we need to see if they aren't leaking."

Somewhere in the Storm Coast

Quickly covering their faces and any exposed parts of their body, the downed pilots try to navigate out and back towards the Shadow. Durning their walk, they manage to see darken clouds in the tan.

"You think those are our planes?" asks Davis.

"Maybe. If they are we can salvage what we can see if the radio works." his partner answers

Nodding, they slowly approach the wreck. With rifle out, the pair approach it cautiously not taking any changes with what the desert offers. A few feet out, it is indeed one of the two downed planes. On top of it are two Sand Slugs. With two rounds, Davis quickly dispose of the slugs and through them away from the plane.

Smuggling around, he notices that it is the one he borrowed from Antonio, "Hmm he his not going to be happy since I crashed his plane huh?"

"Nope, but did you find anything."

Rummaging in the compartment behind the seat, Davis pulls out a small backpack. Opening it, inside contains a few containers of water and several ready to eat meals.

"Think we are good for the moment for food," showing Kei his findings, "You get the radio to work?"

"Nope," sh answers as she tries to tune in, "Busted, must have been after the crash."

"Well, I think we should just stay put here," he sighs," Once this blows over, they should be able to spot the wrecks."

Hopping off the cockpit, he moves under the wing to get some cover from the sands. Following suit, Kei jumps down and uses the either wing for hers.

"How long until they send out a search party?" she asks."

"Knowing the Captain, she'll send one soon."

As he finish, he is able to hear the sound of an engine coming towards them, "And I believe that is her now. Hear it?"

"Yeah. I do. Got a flare? I don't think they can spot us in this dense sand.

Going through the bag, Davis finds a pull flare. Twisting and pulling the cap, the flare glows a bright red. Soon a bright light is shone through the sand as the engine noise becomes increasingly louder.

"Wow she works fast," comments Kei as she shields her eyes from the bright light.

"Yeah." Davis says as he does the same.

Soon the ship stops right in front of them with their light still shining.

"Glad to see you here Captain Morgan, mind dimming those lights." Davis request.

"Oh of course," says a male voice. Both Davis and Kei look at eachother as something is off as the light goes off and standing next to the armed hawacha is Jasper with his men armed with the ship's rifles.

"Now, I you value your lives, which you both do, lower your weapon. Looks like now I'm taking prisoners."

At an impasse, Davis reluctantly lowers his rifle as two of the raiders jump down and binds the two. Loading them on the Goldfish, a satisfied Jasper looks on as they bring them to the lower cabin.

Hmm, I wonder how the serum works on actual pilots.... I'll test it once I'm back at the base.

"Time to get out of here before they find us," he orders to his men, "Give us a southerly direction, we need to make it to the Guild and beyond." to the nearest one at the helm.

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Re: Uncharted Skies
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Awakening with a groan, Alister hooks on his mask, cursing the sandstorm.  Dragging himself over to the remains of the helm, he cuts power to the engines and starts them into a slow decent.

"You still awake lad?"

"Yes sir," the engineer at the front replies, "my name is Jacob sir."

"Well Jacob, can you still move around?"

"Yes sir."

"Good, try I'm going to try and keep us under the storm.  Try and see if you can rig the radio."

"Yes sir!"

The two begin with their attempts to contact the Shadow .


Going to her medicine cabinet, Alison finds a fast acting painkiller tablet.  Bringing it over to Renard with a glass of water she tries to make smalltalk.

"So, where are you from?"

Somewhere within the bowels of engineering

"Hand me a number five ratchet!"

"That's already on your belt!  Anyways I have my hands full with this pipe!  Do you have a clamp?"

"It's by the door."

"I have to keep holding this thing!"

"Then you'll have to wait until I finish!"

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Re: Uncharted Skies
« Reply #858 on: June 03, 2016, 09:30:21 am »
Gaige tosses the clamp to the distressed engineer as he moves through the bowels of the ship, overseeing the whole thing.  Satisfied the engines weren't going to shake apart all of a sudden, and the engineers dealing with the sand clogging them, he sets off for the gunnery deck, taking the stairs two at a time.  Seeing that it's even more chaotic up here than down belowdecks, he asks a passing gunner carrying a box of ammunition the situation.

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Re: Uncharted Skies
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Day 5, 1200


Communications Building, Military Docks

"What do you mean he escaped!", came Enger's booming voice from the radio.

Retaining himself from yelling back at a superior, Frey taps the table in front of him. The last three days has been disastrous. The search for Jasper has been unsuccessful, the loss of a ship, another badly damaged, and several crew members either dead or missing. On top of that, putting the Shadow into nearly full capacity blown one of the main engines. Currently the Medium Transport is docked within the capital's Military Docks being serviced by its workers.

"We severely underestimated Mr. Carn's old accomplice. Even though Mr. Briggs escape is a major set back, it is actually helping us."

"Hmm, how so."

"We already submitted a report that the Goldfish has been stolen once we docked. Within an hour several captains came to us about seeing the craft heading in a southerly direction as well."

"You're saying that he is heading back to their hideout."

"One of their bases was at Izumi, so it is plausible that they have hideout further south"

"Well for your sake, fine it! The other teams are in their search area and your team is behind schedule! If we don't get results, well, since you did accompany on this mission it's on your head. Do I make myself clear."

"Yes councilman."

"Good." with that, Enger cuts the line leaving Frey in the small room. Slamming his good hand on the table, he lets out a loud groan before exiting. Outside the door is Courage leaning on the wall waiting for the Baron. Hearing the door opening, he looks up and start to keep pace with the Baron.

"That didn't sound good. So do we have some more support." the young man ask.

"He didn't even let me have a chance to ask. Enger can be stubborn at times, if Melin was on the line he would have gotten maybe a small squadron for us."

As the two walk down the cooridor they manage to find the building's lobby and exit the Military Dock's Communication Building. Outside, Vystorg's skyline is lined with cranes as after the failed takeover the city is slowly rebuilding itself. In the docks, Guild airmen eyes the two from afar as they make their way to the Shadow.

"Well, if you let me, I can request to see Fyodor for supplies. He does own myself and my friends several favours."

"You can try, but we are not going to be here for long. Once repairs are done and maybe after recruited several more men to replace our numbers we are going underway."

"Going to be a while after that engine explosion."

"Yeah," sighing," at least our engineers are having a breather and the dock workers are overseeing the repairs. Mr. Bell if you would excuse me, I need sometime to think."

Nodding, Courage continues forward to the Shadow as Frey limbs behind slowly.

Eagle's Shadow

Hanger Bay

"YOU DOLTS, CAREFUL!! THESE PLANES ARE IRREPLACEABLE!" screams Marie to the Guild workers.

Besides work being done in the Engineering spaces, the Hanger Bay and the ships associated are under repairs as well. Even though all the work is being done by Guildsmen, Marie sees fit to watch them carefully while they are in her space. Behind her sitting on top of two crates, Farris and Antonio look up from their train of thought at the screaming woman.

"Relax Marie, they are doing the best they can. Just rest a little." Antonio says as he hops off his crate and walks towards her.

"I won't relax until everything is perfect and we are back up in the air." turning around and pointing a finger to the man.

Brushing the hand out of the way, Marie doesn't show any sign of fighting back as Antonio goes into a hug.

"I know you want to find them as well, but we all need our rest. We can't function if you are brain dead and can't fix our planes."

In a low voice, "I haven't lost a pilot in my entire carrer. I make sure all the maintenance is done perfectly so that they come back."

"Hey it wasn't your fault. It was the hand that was dealt durning that storm."

"Don't worry," Farris' voice coming in now, "We'll find them, Frey said that they had confirmation they ejected out safely. Mostly likey they are being held prisoner."

"Is that suppose to make me feel better?" Marie ask the second man."

"Dude, not helping," Antonio says releasing the hug.

"What?" Farris shrugs as he is stared down by the both of them.


"Finally some news about my ship. So where is those bastards heading?"

Still bedridden, Renard sits up as Ulric comes in with news of Tranquility being spotted heading south. Standing behind the medicine cabinet, Ulric pulls out several bottle and shake out a pill from each.

"You seem ecstatic. Really want your ship back huh?" Ulric replies as he hands Renard the pills, "Still broken but ready to fight."

Taking the pills, Renard downs them individual before being handed a glass of water, "Well she is my first ship that I bought. Been with me for the last three years."

"I hear yeah, the  Season is my own creation. Glad she is still air worthy after that explosion."

"Yeah, one helluva story."

Going back to the cabinet, Ulric peers in and start moving bottles, "Huh, looks like we are running low on several things. Renard, who has been using our stores?"

"Oh, Alison has been using them. With how many are wounded, she has to use a good chuck of it."

Turning around, "Know where she is."

All Renard does is give a shrug.


Sitting at one of the tables, Alexi is seen casually drinking as the three Communications Officers are off in another part of the room.

"What a start huh?" starts Janet.

"A start is an understatement young miss. What we had is a whirlwind of misfortune," Gregory adds.

"It's starting to look up now right? We did make it to Vyshtorg."

"Not without some losses." this time Charles adding in.

"Didn't know we were having a party in here."

Turning to see whose the new voice belongs to, the trio waves as they realise it is Courage. Taking a seat with them, he grabs a glass from the tray in the middle of the table.

"So what are you guys discussing?

"Well Mr. Bell..."

"Janet, you know I don't like being called that, sounds too formal." Courage interrupts.

"Ok. So Courage, we were just talking about the last few days."

"Yeah I know, I had a talk with Frey."

"What did he had to say?" Charles asks while taking a sip from his glass.

"That once repairs are done we are heading out."

"A man of initiative. Always like that man." Gregory comments.

"Mr. Bell, Ms. Morgan, and Mr. Carn, please report to my office." came Frey's voice over the intercom.

"Well looks like I have to go."

"Don't worry, it's not like we are going anywhere." says Janet as she waves Courage off.
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Re: Uncharted Skies
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"Right here boys,"

Alison walks into the room with a mug of coffee.

"We are severely depleted on medical supplies due to recent events.  However, we happen to be in my home town, so I'm calling in some favors to get us resupplied, and then some, as cheap as I can.  By the way Ulric, when you have a free moment, I want to talk to you, it concerns that sample I showed you."

A worried look passes over Alison's face for a moment before she pops an energy tablet and washes it down with coffee. Sighing she goes over to her desk,

"So what is the final tally on injuries?"

Carn's Quarters

Groaning, Alister opens his eyes and shifts out of bed upon hearing the intercom.

Seems I can't get enough sleep after the battle. Seems like it took forever to get Alison to let me out of the medbay

Alister did not remember much after the battle.  He remembered going in and out of consciousness trying to repair the helm, then waking up to an enraged looking Alison who promptly sedated him.  He couldn't get her to tell him everything yet, as usual, but she said he was severely exhausted and she wanted to run tests.

No rest for the wicked Alister.  And with your record,

He decided to not finish that thought and make his way to the meeting.

Frey's Office

"Reporting for duty sir. Mind if I sit?"

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Re: Uncharted Skies
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--Weather Deck, Eagle's Shadow--

"I hate everything."

Lorena was on the weather deck, since arriving in Vyshtorg the engineering crew had been working in shifts to repair the damage done to the various pieces of equipment during their unprepared bouts at full power. The engineering crews, despite their usual work ethic had taken to lazing about outside, the fresh air a welcome reprieve from the stuffy atmosphere they were used to.

"Oh come on Lorena," Hank sat down next to her with a cup of coffee, "here, have a cup."

"Don't want coffee, just want to sleep." She rolled over into the shadows that dominated the deck.

He shook his head as he lifted her from her resting spot, "Come on, Oh Glorious Overlady, lets get you into bed, you can fix the engines later."

She yawned as they began shuffling off deck, "Swabbies better not touch my engines."

He rolled his eyes, "Can I touch your engines?"


Oh? "How bout Ewan?"

"He can't either." By now the resting engineers began to take notice.



The others were beginning to snicker now, "What about you?"

"Go shove yourself up the fuel lines."

He shrugged as the others burst into laughter, Ewan raised a bottle of wine at his misfortune, "You tried Hank."

"Shut up Ewan."

--Gun Deck, Eagle's Shadow--

Amelia was checking the manuals for the weapons on deck, she had never claimed to be experienced but the situation demanded someone take responsibility and get the crew into the shape. With Lorena essentially claiming engineering as her domain Amelia needed a place to be of use, that place was the gunnery deck, where the more... Green engineers had be shifted to.

She continued her rounds, ensuring that the crew was at least learning their equipment and not horrendously breaking things. The events of the past few days weighed heavily on everyone, Amelia herself had stooped to not thinking about it and whilst effective, there was only so much work that could occupy her.

"Um, excuse me, Ms. Lockheart? If you could check our weapon?" One of the engineers was looking at her expectantly.

She sighed, as befitting a head engineer. "Very well, a moment should suffice."

--Navigation Room, Eagle's Shadow--

"Alright, what do you have for me?" Reagan had gathered the nav team and set them on putting a search pattern that would allow them to cover the greatest area in a limited amount of time without putting them into further risk. Goals were locating their lost pilots and the stolen ship, whatever else they found would be a bonus but hell if she was going to let the bastard get away with it without shattering his skull it a million pieces.

"Ma'am, if you would take a look at the map." Several markers had been placed, prospective canyons, deep river valleys and mountain peaks were selected as possible locations for a secret facility, most of the crew had already begun guessing what was going on and Reagan wondered when they were going to officially tell them.

"Mr. Bell, Ms. Morgan, and Mr. Carn, please report to my office."

She sighed, "Alright, finish up here and I'll be back it a bit."

She picked up her coat from a nearby chair and began making her way to his office which wasn't all that far considering. She opened the door, coat over her shoulder as she sat down in a nearby empty chair.

"Alright, so, what's the plan."


"Hey, Kei?"

"Yeah Davis?"

He squirmed a little in his bindings "Think you have a way to get out of this?"

She tilted her head and struggled against her own ropes, "Nope."

He hung his head in defeat, "Well, think they're coming to rescue us soon?"

She smirked, "Probably."

He rolled his eyes, "This is called me desperately hoping you're right."

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Re: Uncharted Skies
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Frey's Quarters

"Aside from the obvious, catching Briggs and recovering lost crew, we need to resupply and possibly hire on more crew.  I can put out the word on my local contacts, though Ms Alison has considerably more here.  I've heard she's trying to get our medical supplies restocked for as reasonable a price as can be managed.  Do we have a list of damages and casualties yet, or are we still estimating?"

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Re: Uncharted Skies
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An Anglean engineer knocks on Frey's door.

"An old friend I grew up with was in town and I know we need crew. He's been around. He was on his way back from Arashi when I saw him. He has been enlisted as a cook, engineer, gunner, and marauder. . . Oh almost forgot if his lordship is still around, err, well, my friend did once steal a ship from him." Engineer

"Well don't stand outside my door jabbing about him. Get him in here." Frey

The two Anglean engineers step inside.

"Sign here. Mr... Owl. Have I heard that name before, Alexander Owl?" Frey

"The Owl cheese factory perhaps. It bares no relation.". Alexander

"You've been down south recently so I 'm assigning you to the city season." Frey

"Thank you Sir." Alexander

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Re: Uncharted Skies
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An inn, Vystorg

''I heard once or twice the name of every member of that crew, many of them hadn't a nice past.''
A man -legs crossed on the table in front of him- said.

After taking a sip of whatever he had in his mug, he stared blankly in the air for a few seconds.
''All a nice bunch to work with, really. Only I felt like I was in there out of a random even-''

''Stop with the drama and focus for a second, this in an important matter, Emil.''
Interrupted a silver haired girl.
''We are after what could be the last cell of what is the terroristic group that had such a large part to play in the Civil War. You also swore to avenge the Cryer, remember?''

''And if the is the problem..''
She smirked.
'' feeling in there out of a random event, why don't you just apply officially?''

The man stood there with a surprised look on his face for a few seconds, then he quickly stood up.

''A vow's a vow.''
He whispered as he remembered the events that had happened during the Great Baronite Civil War.''

Putting his hat back on and throwing behind himself his mug along with some coins, the man started walking out of the inn.

''Very well, let us go!''
he said beckoning the girl to follow him.

On the streets of Vystorg

''We are gonna need something to apply for tho...''
The man glanced at his companion.
''I guess you'll go for the gunnery deck, since you have a natural talent.''

The girl nodded.

''But where could I go? Mmmhhh...''

''Why don't you apply as deck aide? You are quite the cartographer, and can handle quite the pressure.''

''Sely, I know I'm a good strategist, but i'm also the worst tactician I know.''

''Then why don't you go for the cook?''
The question was met with much surprise from both.

Both started giggling from the prospect.

''Now, I say I'm going to apply as armsman, backup pilot and cook. I may not be the best man for any of those tho. Mmmhhh.''

''Nah, that'd be just you being you: jack of all trades, master of none.''

''Well then, it's decided. Now I just need to find a proper pen to write and some wax to apply the official baronite sigil and our application form is good to go!''

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Re: Uncharted Skies
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--Frey's Quarters, Eagle's Shadow--

Reagan raised an eyebrow at the person she hadn't noticed earlier, Who the hell is this wierdo?

Shaking her head she got back on track."Damage was limited to hanger spaces and various components in engineering, it's extensive but nothing we can't fix with the facilities we have here."

She flipped through the compiled report on Frey's desk as she spoke, trying to memorize what was in there for later. "In addition to those we lost earlier we can add Greg Walden and Otto Smith," she didn't pay attention to Carn tensing at the time as she continued, there was much more for them to cover. "There's also the matter of our missing pilots, whatever they plan to do with them we need to get them back. I have navigation working on a plan to locate them but that can wait till later."

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Re: Uncharted Skies
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Frey's Quaters

"Welcome you three," Frey starts behind his desk. Scatterd about are the reports from the dockyard workers about the ongoing repairs, the recent sighting of Tranquility, and several maps further south of the Guild. "Thank you for coming in quite a short notice. Especially you Mr. Carn in your current state."

Shuffling though the papers, he picks up one of the sightings with his slinged arm and circles Guru Lupulul with the other.

"After dockyard clears us, restocked, and fully manned, we will continue as planned. So far our guest is traveling south to where we were planning to start our investigation. From there our remaining escorts and fighters will further explore the new territory. Looking for any anomalies."

"Speaking of fighters," Courage interrupts, "Are we only going with our remaining two?"

"Well three, Lord Ansger is a qualified flight lead. He has a history with one of my military's fighter squadron. Until we find our missing pilots, he will be lead."

Courage again, "Well if we need supplies, I can call in the favor I told you about ealier."

"Try to, we are at a point where anything helps. So any questions?"

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Re: Uncharted Skies
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Frey's Quarters

Alister nearly gives himself whiplash upon hearing the new guy, noting a hint of an Anglean accent.

"Who? Where? ....... What do we pay the guards for Commander?"

Turning to the new guy he continues,

"Back up for a second lad, are you wanting to sign up with us?  Do you know what our job is?"

Thinking of a question, he turns back to Frey while trying to keep an eye on the other guy,

"Do we want to hire on more muscle?  There's never a short supply of mercs."

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Re: Uncharted Skies
« Reply #868 on: June 13, 2016, 08:45:17 pm »
Frey's Quaters

"I though I already dismissed you?" Frey questions the two. With a wave of his hand, "You two out. Strictly private meeting at the moment."

As soon as the door shuts behind them, Frey turns to Carn, "Like I said, anything helps at the moment. As for pay, the crew is still getting the same amount they signed up for initially. No changes whatsoever. Still wouldnt mid for more skilled workers in the different bays.

Gunnery Deck

Having heard of new personnel being transferred to the fire teams, Theodore Cutler finds himself at the Port Battery where Amelia is surrounded by books and swabbies.

"Need any help miss?" he ask, "I can call someone to help if you need it, at the moment he is in a meeting."

Guru Lupulul


"Are you sure we are not being followed."

"Yes, skies has been clear for the past two hours."

"Good," answers Jasper as he turns the helm. On the compass, it slowly rotates until it points directly south, "Since you four been quite loyal, let me tell you about where I'm from. Have any of you heard about the Birdmen?"

Down below, Davis and Kei's ears perk up at the name.

"Oh no." Kei says with a slight fear in her voice.

"Bird what?", Davis whisper.

"Thought they were finally gone," she continues.

"Kei what is he talking about."

"Davis, we need to escape and warn the others."

"How we are trapped, and seriously Bird what."

"OI, QUIET YOU TWO!" yells one of the guards from above.

""I'll explained later, we just need to escape."

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Re: Uncharted Skies
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Frey's Quarters

"Alright then, after this I'll head into town, see if I can't scrape some cannon fodder out of the bars.  We may want to start screening if we take on any more, considering Otto.  By the way,"

Alister digs a smashed looking bit of wires out of his coat pocket and puts it on Frey's desk.

"Found a pocket transmitter when I was rebuilding the helm of the Kibeth, not sure how long it was there, but they were tracking the position of the Kibeth, so it seems safe to assume that they know we are coming, whether or not they know we know, I don't know."


The twins drag themselves into the galley, and prostrate themselves before the kitchen staff,

"Please have mercy,"

"Just a cup that's all,"

"The Lady of Engineering is driving us to death!"

"Please grant us mercy!"

In practiced, unison pity they exclaim,

"Can we have coffee?"